Where to Use Animated Explainer Videos?

It is no secret that visual entertainment grabs the viewer’s interest the most. The video is one of the most trending sources to create engaging content. Furthermore, if it is an animated explainer video, the message delivered through it becomes more effective because it also turns into a source of entertainment. 

They consist of visual, audio, and graphic elements. The audience will most probably be unable to take their eyes off till the last second of your video. Hence, today animation videos are utilized by people in various ways for a plethora of reasons. You might be wondering where and how? After all, that’s why you are here, so keep reading this article.


This digital era revolutionized every marketing strategy. Even emailers are not left untouched. We know many times people don’t even bother to go through full email content if not found interesting. No more need to create plain and boring email content with nothing but texts. Instead, jazz them up with beautiful and eye-grabbing visuals. 

You can efficiently utilize an animated video in emailers to promote your newly revealed product or service. You’ll witness your potential customers will get more interested in your emails than anytime before. Moreover, there are high possibilities that they may convert into your frequent customers after thoroughly grasping the info about your product or service presented via graphical explainer video.

Landing Pages

Animation video can help improve ROI when a company uses it on the top of its landing page. When you dedicate some time to composing engaging video content, your potential audience will gain more interest in your product or service. You will see significant growth in customer engagement and conversion rates.

Caricature illustrations are more playful than live-action videos; hence, making your product more exciting and memorable.

Hope now you understood why having an explainer video on your website’s landing page is crucial. So, don’t give this tactic a second thought. Animated explainer videos are appealing enough to get you great results. Upload an animated explainer video today and create a long-lasting impression on your site’s visitors.

Social Media Posts

Always keep in mind that posting a crappy video on your social media handles will never work. Even worse, it will spoil your brand’s image. You can make people remember you through animated videos.

One can reach more people and get more views in less time by uploading animation videos on social media. In fact, these creative videos have high sharing rates as well than links. So, receive more exposure for your page through this strategy. Eventually, you will see more traffic to your page and an increase in your followers.

Animated Websites

Do you want to hold your website visitors for longer? Website animation is again for your help. An interactive animation video is an entertaining source to present your brand’s message creatively. 

Just envision some fun styles popping on your site’s homepage, like a clickable door in the house, or a cat jumping unexpectedly from a box, the breeze blowing tree leaves. Isn’t the thought impressive enough? Thus, invite viewers to spend more time exploring your site, and you never know you will end up selling your product or service to them. 

Short Movies

Another great use of animation video making tool can be for creating short movies. Recent gifts of innovations like HDTV or 3D television revolutionized the entertainment industry. 

With features like special effects, your message in the movie will fly through the air and look more entertaining. Your idea will become so simple and clear that it will touch the mind of the audience instantly. Besides, you have to splurge a huge amount to film a live-action film, but animation can give access to special effects at a low cost. These short movies will prove to be a powerful resource to upload on Youtube or broadcast on TV.

Training New Executives

For sustainability and honing the skills of a newly hired employee, the first few days need to be invested in training. Organizations have to acquaint them with their working methods and vital information.

Hence here, too, animation video plays a valuable role as a mode of learning tool. 

Besides, all your new executives can retrieve the same information repeatedly once you make the explainer video. A trainer may miss covering any topic, but it isn’t the case with video as they one can play it with the same information intact in it. So, technologically-driven businesses are increasingly using animation videos to create internal content repositories for training new hires effectively and fill in their knowledge gaps.

Wrapping up…

People are visual learners. Done right, an animated explainer video becomes a compelling communication medium. The better-shared message usually results in a crisper knowledge base. Whether you want to leverage animation videos for your website, social media pages, emailers, adverts, or educational purposes, it will definitely create an influence. These innovative videos urge viewers to stay all ears and understand what you want to say to them. 

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