Endless career options after B.Tech: How to spot the right one?

B.Tech course has always been counted among top choices for Indian students as it offers amazing career prospects. This highly reputed engineering degree is earned after four years of dedicated studies. B.Tech ensures that you have a sound career ahead by building a strong foundation. 

Being a skill-oriented programme this course focuses more on the technical aspects of science and teaches you the practical application of engineering principles. If you start your admission in B.Tech today then you will take a strong step towards a bright future but given the many career options that this field offers, it is easy to get confused. 

You can venture into many fields after completing your B.Tech and apart from landing a job as an engineer, you can also work as a consultant, subject matter expert or even a researcher. These are some of the top job roles that you can try out for: 

  • Civil Engineer- A civil engineer is involved in the development and construction of building and facilities from their conception to their completion. They are responsible for designing, developing and maintaining construction projects of all sizes. For this purpose, they have to make a blueprint of the technical specifications involved and thoroughly study the data before commencing the work. A civil engineer also has to stay on-site to monitor progress of the project. 
  • Mechanical engineer- Mechanical engineer is involved in designing and developing various devices and systems for industries such as transport, healthcare, power and more. Their job requires liaising with suppliers and measuring how well mechanical components and devices are functioning. They also work on the maintenance of equipment to ensure that it works efficiently and there are no safety issues. 
  • Automobile engineer- The job of an automobile engineer is to design the structural parts of a vehicle and be involved in the design, manufacture and later the marketing and sales of commercial vehicles. Their responsibilities cover the entire spectrum of assessing a given project, its requirements, negotiating with clients and managers and also implementing test procedures. Automobile engineers are employed by the manufacturers of trucks and car manufacturers and use specialised software to produces designs that suit the client requirement. 
  • Product manager- The job of a product manager is to ensure that a certain product gets the desired success through proper planning and execution. For this purpose, they have a cross-functional team that works on creating an effective product strategy which includes defining a product or product line.

A degree in B.Tech can open all the right doors for you be it civil services or the private sector. You can also go for a specialisation course and become an expert in a chosen discipline post your degree. If you have entrepreneurship goals, then they can also be easily accomplished with the skillset and practical training that comes through this program. 

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