A Pantone Expert Shares the Most Complementary Colors for Your Skin Tone

If you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe with clothing that complements your skin tone, you’ve come to the right place. We reached out to More Alive With Color author and Pantone Color Institute Director Leatrice Eiseman for her expert color-reading advice. Eiseman has written no less than 10 different books on color, so we knew she’d be the perfect expert to tap. 

Of course, anyone can wear any color they please—that goes without saying—but it never hurts to have an especially complementary color to rely on when you’re facing a closet full of clothes but aren’t sure what to wear. Below, Eiseman tells us how to easily pick out our most complimentary colors. From shades of blue to light ivory hues, she walks us through the best options for a variety of skin tones. Plus, we shopped out key pieces to update your wardrobe this fall. 

“Olive skin tones are flattered by vibrant pinks and fuchsia—shades that will reflect some rosy glow against the skin.” Shop your shade below:

“Very light, ivory skin tones are best enhanced by a subtle contrast, as in placid blues and blue-greens.” Shop your shade below:

“Dark skin tones are highly reflective and sparkle in jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, and turquoise.” Shop your shade below: 

“[Light skin tones] are boosted with some touch of pink, both warm and cool, especially in the blush-pink range.” Shop your shade below:

“This dusky, fair skin is most flattered by complementary lilac, lavender, and sparkling grape in the cooler range.” Shop your shade below: 

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“Honeyed skin tones are enriched by apricot, tiger-lily oranges, creamy whites, and terra-cotta.” Shop your shade below: 

“Skin with warm golden undertones literally glimmers in sun-kissed corals and creamy peach tones.”  Shop your shade below:

“This is another shade of olive-tone skin that looks dynamic in berry and wine tones—again it reflects a glow against a yellow-base skin.” Shop your shade below: 

“Deep skin tones can also wear jewel tones but are radiant with contrasting hues, especially cool aquas and snowy whites.” Shop your shade below: 

“Skin tones with warm, concentrated color in them can handle classic, neutral shades like cappuccino browns, khaki, and bleached sand tones.” Shop your shade below: 

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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