I’m Replacing My Black Leggings With These 3 On-Trend Activewear Outfits Instead

I have always loved activewear, but my appreciation for the clothing category is on a whole new level now that I’m spending 99% of my time at home. Leggings, sports bras, and bike shorts are just about all I’ve been wearing seven days a week for 20 weeks. (Has it really been that long?) If it has, then I’m definitely overdue for some fresh ‘fits—my appearance and my mood would both benefit tremendously.

There are a few people I regularly Instagram-stalk for outfit ideas when I’m in a style rut—such as the one I’ve currently found myself in—one of whom is Cierra Nia. I can’t think of a better way to describe her style than fun. She never shies away from color and print, which is exactly the type of mentality I’d like to adopt right about now. “I’ve always found comfort in being able to express myself through my clothing,” she tells me when I reach out for some activewear style advice. There’s more of her fashion wisdom plus the cute JoyLab activewear she’s been living in below.

This first outfit is exactly what I would expect Nia to wear when working out. The mix of colors and patterns is so visually appealing that I think it would be pretty hard not to smile all day while wearing it. “Having to coordinate colors and textures is a challenge that never leaves me feeling bored or uninspired,” Nia shares.

Nia also taps into not one but two trends here: tie-dye (everyone’s favorite for summer) and bike shorts. “It gets super hot in L.A., and the short cut helps my legs breathe,” she says. As for that cozy crewneck? “I can wear it in the sun and shade, which really says something about the material: super breathable but also super cozy. I can rock it slouchy with a sports bra and the sleeves rolled up—it mimics a short-sleeve silhouette,” she says of her styling choice for summer.

Next up, and possibly my favorite workout outfit, is this three-piece monochromatic green set. I can’t get enough of this olive shade and neither can Nia. “I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature, and the colors that I see around me throughout the course of my day,” she says of this look.

It’s all in the details here. “I didn’t notice this at first, but the shorts have small holes on the sides. Not only do they add an interesting texture, but they also allow my legs to breathe! Such a smart design. Minimal but really tasteful,” she reasons. Oh, and she suggests wearing that high-neck sports bra as a top with jeans, too. I think I just might take her advice on that.

You know I couldn’t talk to Nia about activewear without bringing up leggings. I first notice how cool this snakeskin print is, which, by the way, is a trend that’s still going strong, but Nia says this look is all about function. “These leggings are form-fitting and really complement my figure! It’s always hard to find leggings that fit my petite frame, but these really did the job,” she says.

She continues that sentiment by telling me performance will always be her number one qualifier when shopping for activewear. “I want something durable that can handle friction and heat but also something comfortable and lightweight. The last thing I want to think about when I’m on my last lap around the park is how uncomfortable my clothing is,” she says.

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