How to Increase Your Store’s Foot Traffic with Curb Appeal

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on more than human life; it has affected our economy in ways that might take years to fully understand and even more to reverse. Many businesses have folded, and those that haven’t, especially retail ones with physical storefronts, have had to redesign their spaces to accommodate customers adhering to strict social distancing mandates.

When the effects of these changes are coupled with the fear that still keeps many would-be customers at home and out of local retail establishments, many retailers are simply seeing fewer people and making fewer sales than ever. If you’re worried about decreasing consumer interest in your business, here are a few easy ways to increase your store’s foot traffic:

Get a Good Sign

Signage is a critical part of any business plan as it both advertises your services and welcomes customers into your establishment. Indeed, the signs outside retail spaces, called monument signs, often make or break sales long before a customer even enters the door. Good signs grab the attention of people as they go by, making them want to come in.

They are highly visible, easy to read, informative and, ideally, creative in some way. Bad signs just get ignored; if you’re relying on one as the only means of advertising your services, well then, you’re probably not going to sell much because no one will want to come in! A good sign is a good first step in increasing your foot traffic!

Maintain Your Store’s Exterior

Similarly, consumers don’t want to enter a run-down building. Not only is it off-putting, possibly making them wonder if the area is even safe, an unkempt facade signals neglect. Instead, make potential customers feel confident in your services by taking care of the building that provides them. Sweep away debris and cobwebs, clean the windows and doors and maintain the integrity of any exterior paint. Hopefully, the care you show your building will inspire people to trust you with their own needs.

Add Something Extra

When you think about iconic stores, you probably think about their window displays. During a pandemic, window displays are especially important because they serve as entertainment. Help amuse potential customers by adding something extra to your store’s front. This could involve creative window displays, but it might also be a chalkboard sign with a funny message or a gimmick of some sort. For instance, the NY Kate Spade store once advertised adoptable kittens in its windows! Who wouldn’t want to enter to see that?

What else can you think of that might help raise your store’s physical visibility and attractiveness?

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