Tips to Manage your Online Business Workflow

How much do you know about workflow automation? This is the key to every online business. With every day, those time-consuming tasks that need to be done manually become fewer. Your online business needs all the workflow resources to perform at its best. 

Understanding the Workflow Management System

Also known as WFMS, the Workflow management system is defined by a software application that uses the automatic functionality to set-up, perform, or monitor defined tasks. Based on their functional category, the WFMS can be divided into integration-centric or human task-centric workflow systems. As a way to make tasks perform the best, the automatic workflows are important assets. Especially when people cannot achieve the desired operations by themselves. When feeling overwhelmed, it’s perfectly fine to look out for new workflows that you have to adapt to, so they can serve your needs.

Workflow automation means technology. Also, automated software reduces the need for human interaction. Whether we’re talking about online or offline businesses, people nowadays are observers and monitor how things perform. They are kind of a Big Brother, watching if something needs human intervention. 

How Workflow Software can Help Your Business

Whether you have a small or large business, workflow software are the ones to pay attention to. They will help you:

  1. Reduce time spent on manually performed tasks
  2. Improve business efficiency
  3. Approve / Request / Claim / Assign / Send tasks within a click
  4. No more poor management costs for your company
  5. Productive tasks and quality sales
  6. Escape human error
  7. Eliminate the bottlenecks in your workflow
  8. Reach higher business potential

How WorldWide Companies Have Faced the Work from Home 

Not all companies have performed work from home. But the pandemic situation has forced them to take responsibility and keep their employees in safe places. To help them continue their working activity, businesses had to make unplanned investments into different workflow apps so they can all complete their sales funnel goals successfully. Here are the most popular:


This workflow software allows every department from your company to have its own category, so it’s easy to perform automation, SLA management, reports, and craft databases. Also, Pipefy has pre-made templates for Sales Pipeline, Software Development, Team Task Management, Business Contract Analysis, Design Thinking, and so on.  

iFlow App

iFlow App is a cloud-based automated tool for timekeeping and HR reports, accessible from whatever device. The app lets you see everyone’s activity based on their check-in/check-outs and locations, and also create specific events.


With Zapier’s help, you can move information between different apps. It is software-based on process automation and allows third-party integrations so you can create the perfect workflows between distinct tools.


Kissflow is a digital workflow platform that integrates Google Apps and other apps to provide a complete automation solution that tracks your businesses’ performance.


Asana is a workflow management software that helps you and your team organize your projects. Members of your team in Asana can follow public projects, add labels, and organize projects on boards.   


Slack is one of the most popular communication apps for creative teams. It lets you create discussions’ channels, initiate video or audio calls, as well as screen sharing. Also, Slack allows everyone to share documents, links, media files, or code lines. 


When you’re also outsourcing your services, the TimeDoctor might be a solution to track their time per each performed task, so you can pay them accordingly.

eCommerce Automation Ideas

Costs minimization and product growth are what every business aims to. In order to achieve the goals we talked about above, online retailers need to have in mind automated tasks for the following processes: order management, supplier database, inventory, marketing, sales, technical support, and customer experience. BigCommerce has a complete article on automation ideas for eCommerce business and shows you some helpful tools to ease your workflow.   


Achieving this goal is hard, but not impossible. An organized investment in your business will always produce results. A skilful team of employees needs all the tools so they can focus on the right part of their job. Don’t forget that unproductive tasks are also part of the general sales time. Always try to put in a balance what are your business goals and what you can do to improve managing your online business workflow. 

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