Hoverwatch best remote monitoring tool for Android

Parenthood comes with responsibility. Nowadays, kids are exposed to technology than before, and it has brought harm, especially if the children are not adequately monitored. Therefore there is a need for every parent to adopt a Hoverwatch spy app for Android, which is the best remote monitoring tool that can help you to spy every activity in the target device.

What is an Android spy app

Android spy app is an application which is used for parental control, especially when it comes to monitoring voice messages, website access, phone calls, GPS location WhatsApp and other social media platform. The spy app for Android allows parents to track their activities and monitor what their kids are doing using Android devices. They come with a lot of features that are effective for parental control. 

There are various reasons why a parent requires a spy app for Android, but the main one is that children are still naïve, and somebody can take advantage of them by exposing them to Cybercrimes and other malicious activities that can affect their psychology. Therefore it is essential to take precautions before it is too late by adopting the Hoverwatch spy app for Android, which will enable you to keep track of every activity so that you can monitor access and use of Android devices.

Why is mobile spy app popular

The popularity of the mobile spy app is attributed to the fact that it is easy to install and use. This software allows parents to monitor their child’s activities. Additionally, employers can use it in tracking the employee’s actions to get in touch with all the information and what they’re doing at a particular time. 

The good thing with this mobile spy app is that it allows you to get in touch with all the information from the target device. Therefore as a parent, it will enable you to secure the activities on online platforms, and the sites with the child are visiting so that he might not be predisposed to cybercrime and malicious malware.

Do I need specialized knowledge to be able to install and use Hoverwatch

You don’t require any specialized knowledge to use our watch for Android because. It is user-friendly and straightforward. It is effortless to install because you will need to visit the official website page and sign up for a free account by entering your details, which includes an email address and passwords. 

After you’re done opening the account, you can now download it through play store and then install it on your device to start accessing your account through your phone. Besides, you also require to install it in the target devices so that you can get access to any information from that phone through your account.

How easy is it to get information from any phone using Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the best spy application for Android that allows you to access data and information from the target device effectively and quickly. It will enable you to get access to information such as video messages, audio, text, phone calls, incoming and outgoing messages. 

Additionally, you can also get some data from the camera, GPS, calendar, contacts. That makes it an all-inclusive platform where you can monitor your child’s activities anytime, anywhere.

Features of Hoverwatch

The following are some unique features that you will enjoy using Hoverwatch

Track location

Hoverwatch uses GPRS to allow you to track targets location from your phone. That is very efficient, especially if your child is far away from home.

SIM card replacement

That is a spy app that will give you a notification anytime when a SIM card is replaced.

Remains invisible

Once you have installed it in the target phone, the user will not be able to detect if the app has been introduced because it doesn’t appear in the application list. Therefore you can monitor the activities of the target device without anybody realizing its existence.

Recording Calls

It allows you to access incoming and outgoing calls and even call logs. That is essential in identifying people who are in touch with your child so that you can limit access to strangers.

Access photos from the camera

It allows you to access the snapshots and photos that are taken using the target phone camera.

History on internet activity

You can also access the history of internet activity to allow you to know the site that your child is often visiting so that you can customize the access and also monitor activities to prevent a child from accessing pornographic and other malware sites.

How legal is it to use the spy application

The federal US criminal laws as allowing the use of spyware such as Hoverwatch. Because of increasing incidents of fraudulent activities such as cybercrimes. 

However, it is essential to adhere to the electronic communications privacy act, which prevents users from invading private communication or disclosing any confidential discussion through the use of electronic devices.

That implies using Hoverwatch is legal so long as it doesn’t intercept the privacy. Therefore don’t use the information gathered from the target devices for malicious reasons or to blackmail the user because it is unacceptable, and it will be a violation of the criminal acts on the use of spyware.

Hoverwatch price policy

There are three pricing plans as follows; personal plan family or professional plan and a business plan for the particular project you will be expected to pay 24.95 euros monthly and 99 yearly. 

Plan Personal Plan Professional/Family Plan Business Plan
Devices 1 Device 5 Devices 25 Devices
1 month €24.95  €49.95  €149.95 
3 month €59.95  €99.95  €299.95 
1 year €99.95  €199.95  €499.95 

The professional plan goes at 49 euros monthly and 199 euros yearly. The business plan goes at 149 euros regularly and 299 euros annually. Additionally, you will be able to track one device, five devices, and 25 devices, respectively.


Hoverwatch spyware is one of the best that you can have. Therefore as a responsible parent or an employer, you will need this device to get access to all information from your kids or employee Android devices to allow you to monitor activities for security and accountability reasons. All you need to do is to sign up on the official website and download the application to enjoy what it offers.

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