2020 Top Rated Smart Devices for your Home

If there is one great thing that has come out from all of the Covid19 madness it is the awareness that technology can ov3ercome any adversity. Whether it was Zoom meetings that brought us face-to-face with loved ones or smart vacuums that kept our house spotless while we worked from home, the digital age offered much-needed support and relief. If you found yourself missing out check out my top picks for smart devices you need in your home right now. 

Let’s jump right in!

Pick #1: The Echo Dot 

For those of you who don’t know, the echo dot works with Alexa to answer questions, play music and the news, and a hundred other things all through voice command. If only everything in our life would help us out like Amazon’s echo dot.

Here are some of my favourite accessories for echo dot:

  • Alexa Voice Remote for Echo Dot 
  • Nest Thermostat 
  • Nexx Garage Door Opener
  • iRobot Roomba 
  • Smart Lock 

Each of these accessories offers peace of mind and saves you an exorbitant amount of time. Just think whether you are working from home or coming home from work, you can rest easy knowing your accessories for echo dot are doing the hard work for you. Control the temperature in your room, make sure your garage is closed and your doors are locked without having to stand up and look through everything. 

My personal must is the iRobot Roomba. Nothing says miracles like a vacuum cleaner that cleans for you and all you have to do is ask.

Pick #2: Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug 

Something this convenient should not be this inexpensive. At less than $20 this helpful gadget that lets, you do everything from turn on a lamp, heater, or fountain is a must-have. This is the perfect gadget when you are throwing a party and can’t be bothered with anything other than relaxing and enjoying all your hard work. 

These handy smart plugs work with Alexa like the Echo Dot. I also like that you can schedule your needs into it so if you come home late you know lights will be on and the AC or heater will be keeping your place comfortable before you even walk in the door. 

Pick #3: Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to feel more secure and deter crime. With so many options its hard to know which one is best for your family and home. I like the Google Nest cam. Here are all of its incredible features that help to alleviate some worry:

  • Live videos 24/7 
  • Night vision for easy visuals 
  • No installation fee 
  • Very affordable service cost 
  • Weatherproof for any occasion 

If you are thinking about your home or business security consider getting the Google nest or a similar smart device. 

Take Away 

Whether you just want to modernize your space or are in desperate need of a few extra “hands” a smart device is the way to go. Now you can get the helpful accessories for Echo Dot you need while choosing the right smart plugins. Feel secure at home using a security camera that is voice-activated and costs so little. For more information check out Shopfordevice!

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