How to Remodel your Home in a Way to Boost Internet Signal Strength?

There is no doubt about the fact that smart homes are the future of our society. What constitutes a smart home, you ask? A network of automated devices that converse with each other using advanced AI technology and optimize home functions without the need for human involvement. For this grid of smart devices to work, the presence of a strong wireless internet is crucial. You also need to subscribe to an internet plan from the service provider to get unlimited data cap and high download speed. Windstream, Frontier and Spectrum internet plans are some of the best options to look for when searching for unlimited plans. 

If the Wi-Fi is not up to the mark, you cannot expect to convert your dull and boring residence into an upbeat and next-gen smart home. This article gives you tips and tricks to renovate your home in such a way that it boosts internet performance and helps you achieve your goal of ultimate connectivity.

Walls are the Enemy of Wi-Fi

A wireless router plays a fundamental role in the whole internet distribution system. What does it do? The router receives data packets from your internet service provider and forwards them to the data-hungry devices in the area. Not only that, but it is also responsible for data transmission between the devices themselves, and from the devices to the web. This signal circulation is usually carried out over radio frequencies; hence, the device is named as a wireless router. The thing about wireless signals is that they are vulnerable to physical obstructions and can lose their potency if not given a clear way, thereby rendering a weak internet performance in your home. If the signal strength is weak, your smart devices cannot work properly at all. 

So, what you need to keep in mind while designing the layout of your residence is to go for open spaces, which allow Wi-Fi transmission through each and every corner of your home. If you’re renovating, then you can take down a wall or two that’s unnecessary and place the router in a centralized position, for a good signal flow. If your Wi-Fi device sits in the basement, in the northwest corner, in the garage, in the kitchen full of electronic appliances or in a closed cabinet next to your cable box, then chances are you won’t be able to experience the internet speeds you’ve paid for.

Wiring Needs to be Consciously Manipulated

Extending your wireless network’s range is another way to make sure each device in the household gets enough juice to seamlessly access the web. People usually employ two methods in this regard. One, they convert the coaxial cabling, dedicated to the TV service in your home, into a network carrier. However, every point where the cable is split up to power the internet, the noise gets into the line and the Wi-Fi signal loses its strength. This method goes by the name of “multimedia-over-coax.” Two, they introduce “power-line adapters” into the mix, which turn the electrical wiring into network-carrying cables. But, this method usually receives criticism on the count of unpredictable power surges. So, what’s the best move here?

The ideal solution is to hardwire your home with Ethernet in the walls, which has the most consistent data transmission rate. First, check which category cabling is already present in your home. If it is Category 5 Cabling or above, you can easily maneuver it to extend your network’s range. Most homes have Category 3 Cabling for the telephone already. You can also install multiple routers around your house and make them act as Wi-Fi extenders, so every dead zone is evenly covered.

Powers Outlets Can Never be Enough!

Some devices require batteries to function, while others need a solid connection to a power outlet to work. So, while remodeling your home, make sure to install enough outlets in multiple areas, like under the windows, on the floors, next to cabinets, or inside the bookshelves, etc. This will create more space and opportunities for connecting wireless routers, smart devices, security cameras and other gadgets in your residence. Investing in smart plugs and outlets that have USB ports will help you save costs and make your home looks super smart too.


This article helps you see how you can create a perfect internet system by altering the architecture of your house in the most optimized way. 

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