How to Become The Best Remote Worker – 10 Powerful Tips

As the trend of working remotely is gaining popularity and prominence, because of its suitability to employers and employees, alike, and also because of how functional a module it is, affordable and yet beneficial, it is important to acknowledge that being the best remote worker takes certain unique skills of its own. Though working remotely sounds like a distant dream come true, it is not for everyone until they harbor certain qualities or develop these traits. To work away from the surveillance of your boss or project manager, you need to develop a sense of discipline that helps you harness your productivity, stay on track and meet all the deadlines. Being a remote worker is a challenging task, but here are the 10 qualities, we think, that make you the best remote worker

1. Displays strong communication skills

Good communication skills are a must for any employee, but if you’re a remote worker, you depend on online correspondence for most of your communication, hence it’s necessary you’ve good written communication skills. For the benefit of personal efforts as well as all collaborative efforts, a person must display considerable professional communication skills, where they are clear in their correspondence to others. If you have difficulty articulating your needs, it can be a little of a problem.

2. Reliable

Work relations between an employer and an employee are always based on the solid foundation of trust. And, if the employee is engaged in work from home, the employer would, of course, look out for someone reliable enough to meet deadlines. The person must not slack off or else the entire project can suffer, leading to huge losses. If time is spent chasing remote workers, it is totally not worth for it a company. Usually, employees check for reliable candidates while interviewing them, in giving them what if situations, and seeing how they would handle it. 

3. Tech savvy

For a remote worker, you’ve to be mostly on your own. You cannot expect much technical help because you’ve no colleagues around. Most of your job is online, hence, it is only fair that you’re well acquainted with the technical tools that would help you in getting your job done. From common software applications to communication and collaboration tools like Hangouts and Skype, they need to be comfortably thorough with their usages. No company would like to employ a remote worker who is constantly reliant on their IT services. But, make no mistake, you can always approach for help from your company, just you must be acquainted with the online basics that help you complete your tasks.

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4. Should be detail-oriented

It is essential if you’re a remote worker that you’re detail-oriented and pay attention to the specifics because there is no one who surveilling you or your work. Employees often check whether you’re a detail-oriented person by sending you a long and demanding task description. If a person is delicate enough to follow all little instructions, they fare better as a remote worker.

detial oriented remote worker

5. Should be accountable

As they would be working without any surveillance or Big Brother watching them, employees want to hire a remote worker that is accountable. Someone who delivers perfect quality but is also always ready to do revisions, because the need for revisions does arise often in IT companies and otherwise. If you don’t like a particular aspect of work, a remote worker should be ready to revise it and improve it with the available tools. 

6. Should be able to prioritize

When you’re working from home, in the lack of an external authority holding you accountable, you can feel like you have a lot of time and then miss a deadline, if you’re not careful. A lot of things pop up, and the ability to prioritize and categorize is most important in a remote worker, so that you’re always on track, can map their progress and can meet their deadlines, even if something urgent comes up, family-related or work-related.

7. Should be resourceful

It might be difficult to work with rigid remote workers who are not adaptable or resourceful to learn on their own. As employees or project managers cannot be there in real, to help you get along a task, they have to rely on someone who can teach himself or herself along the way, moving forward. The best remote worker is someone who harbors a deep-rooted passion for learning. They should not only be able to motivate themselves but also educate themselves on their own, every day. They can utilize the time needed to commute for work, for personal growth and development, and to get new skills. If someone is resourceful, they keep finding newer and creative ways to do the same old tasks in newer and easier ways.

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8. Has organizational skills

When companies hire remote workers, what separates the best remote workers from the rest is the time organization skills they possess. In the absence of an authority figure, it is essential you function as someone who can prioritize and can organize well the tasks you’ve at hand, and get everything done, as per needs.

Become The Best Remote Worker

9. Should be independent

For the best remote worker, it is essential you’re independent-minded and can make your own decisions as and when the need arises. It is true that a good employee must follow instructions, but in the case of no previous precedents, they shouldn’t be wasting an entire day fetching answers. They should know what steps to take in the moment. They should possess essential qualities of troubleshooting and problem-solving for that makes them hard-working smart employees who enhance company productivity level.

10. Should be driven

Not everyone can shine off as the best remote worker. It is essential to hire a driven personality who can keep themselves motivated for the tasks, be resourceful and positive, and enthusiastic for collaborative efforts. You can choose someone driven if they are prompt with their replies and have the ability to convey their propositions clearly. 

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