Top 8 Best Online Resources for a QA Newbie

Quality assurance resources can be found online that can help a quality assurance (QA) newbie understand and strengthen their own testing process. Online resources provide newbies and seasoned QA testers the opportunity to hone their skills.

A company offering QA testing should train their employees on new testing tactics and technologies that can strengthen the testing process.

The resources online that can help with software testing include:

1. UTest

UTest is the place testers should go for a robust look into the world of software testing. The site’s articles and forums are invaluable, but they also offer free courses that you can take to strengthen your quality assurance skills.

Forums are filled with experts that ask questions that many testers have about projects that they’re working on.

The forums are great for a company offering QA testing that wants to train their employees on new testing tactics and technologies that can strengthen the testing process.

2. Dzone

Dzone has a rich collection of articles and information, but the more you dig into the site’s content, the more you’ll find great resources for testers. Where the resource stands out the most is in their technical content that outlines software testing in great detail.

And with over 1+ million members, the site has a rich community that continues to support the site because of the great content produced.

You can also subscribe to the site to receive weekly updates on the latest trends.

3. Guru99

The Guru99 platform is one of the most respected platforms because it acts as a learning tool that is great for novices. You can learn the basics of:

  • Software testing
  • Cucumber testing
  • Selenium
  • JUnit
  • So much more

Tutorial libraries also include tutorials for test management, enterprise testing, performance testing and much more. While seasoned QA testers may not view the tutorials as insightful, they’re a great place for newbies to learn.

4. Software QA Test

Dedicated to becoming an extensive testing resource, Software QA includes:

  • Lengthy Q&As
  • Resources
  • Tools
  • Web tools
  • Bookstore

The site looks dated, but it’s a design concept that is done purposely. Updates are posted often, and there is even a resource for anyone looking for jobs.

5. Satisfice

Satisfice is a serious resource for anyone interested in software testing. The site includes a slew of posts on rapid software testing and the methodology behind the testing practice. But there is also an option to take classes with the site owner who owns the Satisfice brand and has been consulting for 32 years.

You’ll also find an array of books available that are written or co-written by the site’s owner: James Bach.

6. Google Testing Blog

Google has their own testing blog, which isn’t updated often, but when the blog is updated, it is filled with great concepts and real-world practices. The site was last updated over four months ago, but the update shows different coding examples, including:

  • DRY
  • DAMP

You’ll find a lot of great content on Android and Java testing plus great information on other forms of testing.

7. edX

The edX platform has courses from some of the world’s most respected universities. Software Testing Fundamentals is a course offered by the University System of Maryland and is designed to teach you how to:

  • Locate bugs
  • Locate defects
  • Use the latest testing techniques

You’ll have eight weeks of classes that demand 8 to 10 hours per week of course work. Since the course is free, you’ll be able to take it at your own leisure. You can also add a certificate of completion or join the MicroMasters program to show your dedication to software testing and verification.

8. Testing Whiz

Testing Whiz is a great site, but what you want to look at is the site’s article on 45 Websites Every Software Tester Should Bookmark. The article may be a little dated, but you’ll find a great resource of websites that you should bookmark and work through to master testing.

You’ll find a lot of similar lists online that provide a wealth of information for anyone that is or wants to get into the field.

If you’re a newbie, your strongest skillset at this time should be your ability to learn and consume information. These resources will provide a strong foundation to advance from the novice to intermediate level of testing.

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