The Importance Of Talking Productivity With Your Employees

Seventy-six percent of employees experience burnout at some point, according to a recent Gallup poll. This can be attributed to everything from unrealistic production expectations to disengagement with the company’s mission. Regardless of the reason, it’s critical that business owners and managers open up the conversation around employee engagement and productivity.
It might be time to remotivate your team, or perhaps you are concerned about helping employees maintain productivity while working from home during the COVID-19 crisis. Either way, there are a number of ways to make sure employees at all levels understand their roles and are committed to the company’s goals. It can be an intimidating topic to address openly, but it’s one no business can afford to ignore while its employees drift aimlessly or burn out with no catalyst for growth.

Opening Up The Workplace Conversation

Accountemps surveyed 1,000 employees, and 71 percent claimed that listening to music while working helps them be more productive. This shows that productivity motivators come in all forms, but it’s your job to seek them out. Communicate to your teams that you want to hear what encourages them to show up and do their best work each day. Emphasize that there is no right or wrong answer, and honesty is appreciated. Some might reveal their motivation is as simple as a company-sponsored monthly lunch, others might surprise you with specific requests for updated software.
This is also the time to check in with your employees to learn where you can tweak workflow to get things done more quickly and cleanly. Life in the office is often full of tedious tasks, but they don’t have to eat up your entire day. Finding the right tools and technology to help your teams manage their workflows and to-do lists is critical. Dynamics 365 Time Tracking is essential for boosting productivity because it consolidates all the time, communication, expenses and work performance you monitor each day. You might be surprised to see that saving even a few minutes on each task can save you hours of work each month and improve productivity across the board for your business.

Improving All-Around Performance

When people are motivated, performance improves. Just as motivation comes in many forms, so does success, but both can only be achieved when all parts work together. From increasing profitability to lower operational costs, productivity is the quickest way to benefit your company’s bottom line and overall performance. Productive workers also make for efficient customer service and more optimized resources, which both lend themselves to more satisfied clients and customers. Not to mention better productivity cuts down on waste and your company’s impact on the environment. It all starts with talking to your teams about what they can do each day to be productive and better serve the company and the community around them.

Increasing Your Chances of Attracting Top Talent

Current employees are often the best avenue through which to reach the next rising stars. When workers feel productive and confident in their roles, they naturally reach out to invite others into the workplace. There are a number of ways you can pique the interest of top talent surfing the job market. It’s important to remain open about your productivity policies and to invite new and potential employees to provide input on how to improve workplace performance. There are always those who are motivated by financial incentives, but be sure to ask potential employees in interviews what encourages them to work well. This will show your interviewees that your company values their unique preferences and is ready to motivate them with time, money, promotions or whatever is most desirable to them.
Great companies run with the help of great employees, and a truly great business knows how to motivate and encourage its workers. When you take the time to talk productivity with your teams, it improves overall company policies and performance, taking your business far into the future.

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