Saweetie Told Us Her 4-Step Icy Eye Routine to Stay “Quarantine-Cute”

It’s our type.

Even chart-topping artists like Icy Queen Saweetie are spending lots of time at home right now. And while your only destinations might include your kitchen or laundry room, the “My Type” rapper says it’s still important to feel (and look!) quarantine-cute. In the past week, Saweetie has taken to her social accounts to dish out all the beauty inspo, screenshot-worthy tutorials, and some very exciting news regarding her first-ever limited-edition makeup collaboration with beauty brand Morphe. 

The collection includes a vibrant, 24-pan lineup of eye shadows and glitters with a stunning range of matte, iridescent, shimmer, and silk slip finishes, along with a handy six-piece face brush collection and three icy-cool lip glosses. (Oh, and let’s not forget the Saweet Peach Setting Mist!) In an effort to “stay safe, get cute,” (as Saweetie says), we asked the rapper to go live on our IG account last weekend to host a Saturday-Night-In Makeup Tutorial. Her vibe: an easy, icy-hot eye shadow look melding rich shades of burnt orange and mauve with eye-catching silver shimmer.  “You know, you can get cute to go anywhere,” the rapper explains at the end of her routine. “Get cute to go to the kitchen, get cute to do laundry, get cute to do your spring cleaning, get cute to, you know, just get cute!” Below, we’re sharing each and every step of Saweetie’s night-in beauty aesthetic, all of her must-have products, and some extra-hot tips to achieve her signature glossy lips and super-glowy cheekbones. Keep scrolling! 

“I like to start by covering my eye with concealer—L.A. Girl’s Pro.Conceal,” Saweetie opens. “I put it on my hand first, and then I apply it to my eye using a small flat brush. I don’t like to put it directly on my lid because sometimes too much comes out.” Saweetie notes that in addition to helping the eye shadow stay put, the concealer also helps brighten her eye area. She recommends focusing your application in the crease.

“I’m going to start by using this shade called Desert Vibes,” the rapper continues. It’s a burnt, matte shade of orange, and Saweetie uses a small fluffy brush from Morphe to create a soft and diffused wash of color along her crease and the outer corners of each eye. “BOOM!” 

Using the same palette from Morphe, Saweetie says the next step is to add some “funkiness” to the look via a quick hit of glitter. She opts for a glimmering, silvery shade called Private Oasis. “I like this color of glitter because when the light hits it, you’re going to sparkle and you’re going to shine, and that’s what we want to do because we’re some icy-ass girls, okay?”  Pro tip: The rapper says she likes to clean her brushes off in between colors with a makeup wipe, and she’ll also spritz a setting spray onto a small flat brush so she can pick up and deposit the perfect amount of pigment (a crucial piece of advice when working with glitter). Technique-wise, Saweetie says she pats (versus swipes) the shadow to ensure the glitter is as concentrated and shimmery as possible. She works the shadow onto the lid from the outer to the inner corners of both eyes. 

“I’m going to use the shade Security (a matte brown mauve) to my crease to add some dimension since I do have big eyes,” Saweetie notes. “But I’m not going to add too much because I don’t want it to be too pigmented. I just want a nice light wash of color since it is darker than my skin—make sure to tap off the excess!” Et voilà! To finish off her makeup look, Saweetie also shared her go-to highlighter and signature lip gloss trick using—wait for it—eye shadow. Keep scrolling for her finishing touches. 

Highlighter: “I’ve been going Live all week because I have time, and one thing I’ve been saying is that this isn’t just an eye shadow palette. This is blush, this is eye shadow, this is highlighter… and you can even create your own lip gloss,” the rapper shares. “If you want something super pop-y, then I’d go with Spotlight Stealer (an iridescent silver shade with stars), but since I’m just kind of chilling today, I’m going to use the same silver shadow I used on my lid called Private Oasis. I’m going to put it on the high points of my cheek and the tip of my nose.” (FYI: The rapper fabulously coins this The Icy Rudolph.) “And you know, you don’t need too much! I hate when I see highlighter on someone, and it just looks like a line—no. We like ours to look very natural and just like damn, her skin is just glowing.”

Lig gloss: “Before I leave, I’m going to show y’all my little lip gloss trick,” Saweetie closes. “I’m a gloss girl, and I would definitely rather wear gloss than a lipstick. “My line with Morphe does come with three gorgeous glosses, but for this, but sometimes you just want a different look! I’m going to use a clear lip gloss—it can be whatever you want—and then I’m going to top it off with the Private Oasis shadow again to create some shimmer. It’s like I’m creating my own little lip gloss.” 

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