Lili Reinhart Told Us Her 5-Minute, 3-Product Makeup Routine

There’s something particularly fun about being able to find celeb-approved makeup at the drugstore. I don’t know about you, but my beauty wish list is always miles long and includes all of the top luxury brands, so a thrifty thrill is a very welcome addition to my collection. Recently, Lili Reinhart became the newest face of Covergirl and revealed to Who What Wear exactly which products she uses on the regular. 

“On days that I’m not working, my daily makeup routine is very short,” Reinhart told us. “I usually want to spend only five minutes doing my makeup, and I want to let my skin breathe.” She then listed off her top three products. “I definitely use the Covergirl concealer under my eyes and around my nose to get rid of some redness. Then I use the Exhibitionist Mascara, my favorite mascara, and then I usually use the soft blonde eyebrow pencil. That’s it really: mascara, brows, concealer where I need it. I try to do it as quickly as possible. I don’t have a lot of patience to spend much time with my makeup when I’m on my own.”

Reinhart also told us about the best beauty tip she gleaned from her glam team. “When I started using Beautyblenders, that kind of changed my world,” she told Who What Wear. “It’s been a game changer because now I’m used to having my skin still look like my skin and covered with so much product. I think the sponge helps absorb some of the excess product and brings out a little bit of a dewy, natural glow.”

Scroll down to shop the makeup products Lili Reinhart uses in her off-duty routine and learn her tip for applying concealer. 

“Right now, I’m using the Covergirl TruBlend Undercover Concealer,” Reinhart told us. “It comes in a lot of shades. To be honest, when it comes to covering a pimple or doing under-eyes, I’ll use different colored concealers for different parts of my face so I don’t have the same shade on all over my entire face. I definitely like to mix and match different concealers together. I can go with a little pinker because I have pink undertones under my eyes, and that cuts down some of the dark circles. And then I’ll put powder over it so it doesn’t look too bright. Then I’ll use different shades around my face wherever the blemishes are.” 

Since the price is right, it’s wise to test out a few different shades to find the best one for your skin tone. 

Reviewers are obsessed with this concealer’s creaminess and smoothness. 

This concealer comes in 27 different shades to ensure the right match. 

Reinhart herself uses the pencil in the Soft Blonde color. 

It comes in five different shades total, including black. 

Reviewers are obsessed with this pencil because of its affordable price tag and perfect colors. 

“I like a fluffier mascara wand, which is really good for plumping up your lashes a little bit more,” Reinhart told Who What Wear. “I have naturally pretty good lashes, but I definitely need a little bit of help, so I need volumizing mascara like the Exhibitionist Mascara.” 

It comes in several different shades, including this one in Extremely Black. 

The OG Beautyblender has never failed us. 

This version is specifically designed to help you apply color to your cheeks via blush, bronzer, or highlighter. 

This sponge is made to give you a natural no-makeup look. 

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