6 Steps to Creating a Successful Resume Website That Will Double You Chances to Get Hired

In our days, a resume website is a good practice for any job seeker. It’s also a great alternative to an MS Word document or a file on a virtual disk: an online resume is available to employers 24/7, instantly gives them an idea of ​​your skills and experience, opens from any device and never gets lost!

To get hired, you only need to make a correct resume website: you should be concise, choose the right tone, skillfully reveal all your strengths, and avoid spelling mistakes. 

Now we will tell you how to create the correct and effective resume website that will double your chances to get hired!

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1. The main thing. The main page

The first thing your future employer should see when opening a resume site is the basic and most important information:

  •         your name and surname;
  •         an endearing photo (it is better to add a professional photo, we do not recommend using selfies and home-made photos);
  •         the position you want to get in the company;
  •         your specialization;
  •         main professional skills (it is better to add brief theses, that sound like motto).

You should also leave your contacts on the main page: mobile phone number, email address, and possibly a link to Facebook or LinkedIn account. The easier it is for the employer to contact you, the higher the chance that you will get this job.

Do not clog the home page with information about your experience, education and more detailed professional skills. Design it in eye-pleasing colors (a bright color is OK for creative professions, but not for an accountant) and correctly place all the elements – then the employer will definitely notice all the things you want to tell him.

2. Tell the employer about your work experience

After you have given the future employer a general idea of ​​yourself, it is worth describing it in more detail.

Briefly, in ascending or descending order (choose yourself) list the educational steps that you have passed.

You can skip school – university or institute, specialized courses and curricula are much more important. It is important to indicate those courses that are related to your profession: if you want to work as a programmer, you do not need to write that you have an accountant certificate.

Indicate your work experience in reverse chronological order, in the “date – position – the main responsibilities that you performed” format. If you had a lot of jobs before the one you are applying for, select only the best ones of those that matter for your future position.

If you have no work experience at all yet, but you have interesting internships or projects, be sure to indicate them.

3. Got any recommendations?

If you have a couple of recommendation letters or comments from the previous employers, partners, and clients, be sure to add them to your resume website. The texts do not take up much space (use the slider), but they make it clear to the employer that you are a reliable and able-bodied person.

4. Portfolio

Every designer, сopywriter or creative director, that has successful work experience, should share it with the potential employer. Try to describe your experience in the best way you can, but do not overdo it: the name of the project, the photos, and a short description will be enough.

Also determine for yourself the number of projects you will describe: a potential employer won’t have time to check out everything. Select 3-5 best projects that you are proud of, and make sure that their subject matter also coincides with the focus of the position you want to get.

5. Repeat your contacts once again

Some people think that you need to place your contacts on each page of the site because no one knows exactly what page will make the employer want to contact you. Nevertheless, we recommend indicating the contacts on the main page, as well as on the last one (“Contacts”).

If you don’t want to create a lot of pages, just place the contact info in the header and the footer of the resume website. It’s a great idea to add a feedback form for potential employers.

Enter your phone number and email address here. If your professional area involves the use of some instant messengers (like Skype or Slack), specify these contacts in the contact information section.

6. Optional step: your bio

If you want a potential employer to get to know you better, you can add your bio to your resume website.

This is, maybe the only place where it is better to show your imagination and creativity and speak more informally. Jokes are also welcome, but they must be thought-out and not overlap with basic information about yourself.

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