Give Your Teens the Freedom to Travel Alone with Easy Logger

What would you think about parents who let their 14-year-old daughter go on a backpacking trip on her own with a group of teenagers around the same age across Belize, or spend size weeks train-hopping around Europe at age 17? Crazy? Out of their mind? Too “out there?”

While many might dismiss this as irresponsible parenting, a lot of modern parents are becoming more comfortable letting their children out into the world even at such a young age—all thanks to teen tracking phone apps.

More and more, parents are discovering a better way to raise kids who are driven and determined to discover and make a change in the world with the help of new technology. With a GPS tracker app to track your kid’s phone, you can give them more freedom to discover and enjoy the world, live large, and become more independent—even while they are still in their teens. Teen tracking apps have become commonplace, not only in the western world but also in Asian countries where the internet is now becoming cheaper and stable.

Children are capable of so much more than many parents tend to give them credit for. It is not difficult to find real people throughout history who were off living their own lives, building businesses, working hard on their passions, and even breaking sporting records while in their teens.

The modern sense of ‘extended adolescence,’ which has become popular in the last century, sells children short and steals some of the most productive years and periods of their lives from them. Legislating against them—even when on the surface, it may seem like it’s for their own good—may actually be adding insult to injury, resulting in teens who are too sheltered and too dependent. Parenting that is driven by fear can become imprisoning, robbing children the freedom to grow and learn and even mature in the best way possible. 

With a good balance of freedom and responsibility, children can grow to be the best versions of themselves, especially when parents are trusting and caring enough to let them out into the world on their own. A teen tracking app can deliver such a balance, its not intrusive and gives peace of mind to both the teen and the parent.

With the help of new technology like phone trackers, modern parents can take more calculated risks in stepping back a little and letting children out on their own. These technologies leverage advancements like GPS trackers, which allow parents to keep an eye on their children even while they are away.

Smart phone systems are incredible pieces of technology that can be used to maximize children’s safety. With applications like Easy Logger, you as the parent have the ability to track your child’s location live, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The app even stores up to 90 days of history, providing location reporting through an online monitoring console along with a ‘locations visited’ report, which lists down all the physical addresses that the user has visited and the amount of time that was spent in that very location. 

Another useful feature that this GPS tracker app offers is geofencing, which enables parents to set geographical “safe zones” for their children so the app can send out alerts in case geo fences or boundaries are crossed.

Text message and phone call logs are also available through the app, enabling parents to monitor their child’s communications. 

easy logger

An inactivity tracker alert can likewise be sent to parents so that you can be notified when your child’s phone hasn’t been used for any number of hours—configurable to suit your child’s activity and lifestyle. These alerts show the current location of the device to give parents peace of mind about their child’s whereabouts in case of an inactivity alert.

Easy Logger provides parents an easy way to track their kids’ phones by serving as both a phone tracker and a GPS tracker app to ensure their safety while outside the home. In addition, to live location monitoring, the app also gives parents and guardians the ability to remotely access their children’s call logs, text messages, and app usage history, giving them peace of mind that their children aren’t corresponding with strangers and individuals who might bring them into danger.

With Easy Logger, parents can truly give their teen children the freedom to travel alone and come into their own, while keeping them away from the dangers of the modern world.

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