Learn Test-Worthy Words With These Mind-Boggling Games!

Games are fun. First and foremost, they are used for entertainment. While they offer us a good little break from reality to allow us to enjoy some downtime, they do offer a lot beyond just that ability to unwind. As researchers have noticed, games are starting to become much more valuable in terms of their ability to educate. Even classrooms and schools are starting to understand the importance of video games as a way to teach kids. It provides a much more reliable way, as it is more engaging than a lot of other traditional methods.

These games range in their potential. Some provide improved hand-eye coordination, and others are good for cognitive behavior. Games that are particularly good are word games and puzzles. There are so many of these, and they are all really good for learning some impressive words, so check out some of the games you can find.

Wheel of Fortune

The modern spin on a classic TV game, Wheel of Fortune has been a staple of brain testing games for years. This game comes in the form of an app for mobile phones which allows you to take your word solving skill on the go or get some practice in during small periods of time. The purpose of the game is to guess a word or series of words based on phrases. It teaches a lot of interesting sayings and some words that you may not have heard before, which is good for learning those test-worthy words to up your vocabulary.

Word Scramble Puzzles

If you like to spend your time really sitting down and figuring out words, then there are plenty of online word scramble puzzles that are the right amount of difficulty and fun. The benefit of having to unscramble letters is that it forces your brain to think outside of the box. They can unscramble any word, which helps you when it comes to puzzle games involving difficult words. This skill is known as pattern recognition, which is a major part of most games and puzzles. Beyond just games, it is helpful for things like school and works as it allows you to see things that you might not have initially. Online word scrambles also help you learn a lot of new words as well, which is partially why you are reading this too. So next time you have to write a report or essay, you can throw in some pretty impressive vocabulary.


indoor games

One of the classic versions of a word scramble is scrabbling. This timeless board game is still available in physical format but is also available as an app and game on many platforms. The reason why this game has withstood the test of time is that it is one of the best ways to learn new words. Using the tiles you have, you need to figure out how to rearrange them to make new words. Beyond just your tiles, it relies on your ability to use other people’s words and tiles on the board to help build your score. You forget how much you actually learn while playing games like these because it can get really competitive trying to reach a triple word score. The online word scramble/unscramblers listed above also allow you to find which words can be used in scrabble, and help you become a better player too.

Words With Friends

Lastly, the popular mobile game has taken the world by storm because of its simplicity. Again, on the go capabilities is a way that word games have become much more popular with younger generations. While waiting for an appointment, sitting on the bus, or just bored, it is easy to find yourself looking for something to do, and these games offer that kind of relief. There is also a competitive aspect to it as well, as everyone wants to beat their friends and flex their knowledge. This game is very similar to Scrabble, only it provides a more social aspect as you want to climb the leaderboards and beat your friends. At the end of the day though, these games help you learn new words to improve your vocabulary, which is really the purpose of these games.

Sometimes learning new words can be a chore. Who would want to sit down and recite the dictionary? Not many. Thankfully, there are a lot of games available online and in-person that help you improve your vocabulary. These games listed are just a small sample of the options that provide entertainment value, educational value, and will be sure to improve your test-worthy word knowledge for your future needs.

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