How Tech has Advanced Since the 2000s

Whether you’re a tech junkie or a casual user, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that our gadgets have hugely advanced since the early 2000s. We now have instant access to the internet wherever they go and there’s no doubt that modern technology has made our lives significantly easier. From the printers you use at work to the phones you scroll through social media on, it’s clear that things have changed in the world of technology. 

Now that we’ve entered the new decade, let’s take a look at how our gadgets have developed since the early 2000s. 


Many of us have treasured memories of the old school flip phone, so much so that the sight of one’s bound to give you a dose of nostalgia. These compact phones had keypads rather than touchscreens and limited functionality, making them a far cry from the smartphones we’re used to today. Ten or so years ago, the Blackberry made an appearance; with a QWERTY keyboard, messaging server and sleek design, they were an instant hit amongst those who wanted to use their phones for more than just calls. Nowadays, iPhones and Android models rule the market, offering a wealth of features that have turned phones into mini-computers. 


When they were first invented, printers did their one job and that was it. Now, however, modern printers and ink cartridges have been given an upgrade. Not only are they more efficient with energy-saving modes, but most models are now multifunctional without taking up as much space as past designs. You can now get printers, scanners and copiers all in one machine, taking up less space while conserving energy. In fact, modern printers are significantly smaller than previous designs despite having a significant number of upgrades since the early 2000s. 

DVDs vs streaming services

While DVDs aren’t completely redundant, streaming services such as Netflix are quickly taking over and changing the way we choose to watch television. In fact, streaming services account for 19% of all television viewing in the USA, with more than half of Americans subscribing to at least one platform. While regular television programs are clearly still popular, it’s clear that more people are turning to Netflix and the like to watch their films over DVDs. You may still be reaching for DVDs on an odd occasion, but it seems like streaming is where it’s at when it comes to binge-watching your favourite TV shows.


Laptops and desktops are both more powerful than ever before in terms of processing, yet are more compact than ever, too. Only 44% of households in the UK had a home computer in 2000 and only 51% used the internet weekly in 2006, according to statistics by the Office for National Statistics. In 2018, however, this shot up to a whopping 89%, which reflects just how more reliant on technology since 2006. This could do with how portable they are now, thanks to the introduction of super-slim laptops and tablets. Despite being smaller, they have considerably more memory and speed than previous models, making them an essential tool that most households have at least one of. Gone are the days of gathering around one computer in the living room, taking turns to use the ‘family computer’ – everyone seems to have a machine of their own. 

As well as technology becoming significantly more advanced over the years, the way we utilize it has completely changed too. We rely more and more on technology for not only our hobbies but also our careers. These upgrades have made our lives easier and continues to advance in order to do so. 

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