How to Make Children Smarter

Every parent wants their kids to grow up and become geniuses. However, raising smart children is not an easy task. To some extent, a kid’s smartness can be put up to their genetics. However, there can be factors such as the experiences which the child goes through. These experiences changes their outlook on life, and make them see things differently. In countries such as India, the competition for various colleges and degrees is immense. This is obviously due to the large population. However, smart children tend to get a head start in terms of the rest of the competition. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that immense pressure is not put on the child. 

In addition, some parents tend to project their own dreams and aspirations onto the child, thinking that they’d have a smart kid. Things are usually not that easy. In fact, it can get more complicated. This is relevant especially today; there are people studying child psychology. Although they too have wondered what makes a smart kid, what they’ve seen is also that there is an undue mental stress. This stress can lead to anxiety, and even depression. 

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There is a popular statistic doing rounds that the stress level of children in high school today is the same as that of mental patients in the 1950s. Although the authenticity of this statistic is yet to be verified, it does pose an important question. Should you, as a parent, be pressuring your child to be a smart kid? The definitions of being a smart child can be quite different. Some children are smart in studies, others are what is known as “street smart”. Obviously, things can be quite vague here. 

However, that doesn’t mean that parents are completely wrong in wanting a smart kid. This is why there are a few scientifically backed methods to help your child’s brain develop faster, and in a good manner. 

We shall have a look at some of these methods.

1. Rest period

Children tend to be hyper active. Smart kids have one thing in common amongst themselves; they get a lot of proper sleep. It is important that at such a young age, children get the proper amount of rest. They tend to be hyperactive at a young age. This also means that their brain activity levels are through the roof. To ensure proper development of your child into a smart kid, make sure that they get enough sleep!

2. Brain games

Smart kids usually develop their thinking abilities by playing games which can really engage their brains. Mathematical, logical reasoning based questions, appropriate for age, can really help the children to become smart kids!


3. Physical exercise

It’s just as important to get physical exercise as it is to get mental exercise. Our lives are remarkably sedentary and that does have adverse effects on our health. Moreover, a sedentary life at a young age does not lead to proper all-round development. This means that you need to ensure your smart kid also gets some healthy exercise in.

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4. Musical geniuses

Learning to play musical instrument from a very young age has been scientifically proven to make some smart children. It improves their hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it also improves the artistic side of the smart kid’s brain! Kids who know how to play a musical instrument are known to have higher IQ when they become fully matured.

5. Nutritional value

Food is absolutely important for living a healthy life. For the healthy brain development of a kid, a well balanced diet is essential. Moreover, smart kids tend to have a better choice in eating habits, as they have been trained from a young age. A combination of adequate protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats is a must. Do not forget about fibre either!

6. Video games

Although video games were frowned upon earlier, the new age scientists have changed the game. Smart kids can develop better with a healthy amount of playing video games. It increases their hand-eye coordination and helps them make quicker decisions, based on logic.

Video games

7. Reading

This is absolutely essential. The importance of this point cannot be stressed enough. Reading is a very important habit that needs to be inculcated from a young age, if you want smart kids! Not only does it increase their vocabulary, but it also increases their desire to gain knowledge. Kids absorb information like a sponge at that age, especially from books.

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8. Home environment

If you don’t want to stunt the mental growth your child, and want them to be a smart kid, then it is important that the situations at home are conducive to growth. An unstable home environment can adversely affect your child. This leads them to picking up bad habits, and becoming more violent in nature. 

9. Reality

As stated earlier, a real life experience is important if you want smart kids. You cannot teach them about the rest of the world with the kid sitting only at home. They tend to become extremely introverted, and close off from interacting with the world. In fact, they can often get lose in the land of make-believe. While a healthy amount of imaginative fantasy is good for the brain, too much of it can dull your kid’s senses and brain power. If you want a smart kid, make sure to engage them in outdoor activities, and take them out to travel or on trips.

smart kids playing

10. Hard work

Not every child is born the same. Some have sharper wits and others are better at physical activity. However, one thing that unites them all is the fact that they must be hard workers or smart workers. Preferably, it should be both. Smart kids know the right time to work hard, and what they need to work on. Their decision making skills get better overtime. However, what parents need to do for a smart kid, is to ensure that they have a work ethic. There is nothing better than a positive environment and constant encouragement for a child to become a smart kid.

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