Convert An Audio File to Text in Five Simple Steps

Transcription is a process that implies the conversion of an audio recording into a written, readable format. It’s mainly used to keep a record of important events, either for convenience or as another form of backup. In the past, it was more of a premium service that businesses and other large establishments took advantage of. The popularity of transcription services among the general population has skyrocketed in recent years. Today, almost every single person can get some use out of it, whether they’re a podcaster, student or a journalist.

Audio-to-text transcription can feature a lot of different characteristics. It can be full of clean verbatim, it can contain timestamps/speaker labels or even have captions. While it’s possible to do the whole process by yourself, it will likely take up a large majority of your time. On average, an inexperienced person will need over four hours to transcribe just one hour of audio material. This is why transcription services have been created – to save you time for a designated price.

Choosing the Proper Type

Self-transcription has been favored by many due to the alleged money savings. You type out the whole recording by yourself, constantly rewinding it and distinguishing between different words. If you want to do this as efficiently as possible, you need professional software. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come for free. The fees for paid licenses can be extremely high, and if you only want to do a one-time transcription, it certainly won’t pay off.

In contrast, automatic transcription services can provide you with a text equivalent without you even touching your keyboard. They use special algorithms that are able to recognize speech patterns and accurately determine the spoken word. The prices are usually negligible, especially once you consider in how much convenience this method brings.

Benefits of Automatic Transcription

– Accuracy

Try to transcribe on your own, and you’ll likely find yourself wasting even more time on proofreading and error fixing. Automated transcription features 99%+ accuracy from the get-go, which means that you’ll be able to use the result right away. Even if the recording contains more complicated phrases or speakers with a strong accent, you won’t find a more accurate output anywhere else.

– Speed

While manual transcription takes hours upon hours, an automated service can do the exact same thing in just a fraction of the time. Even when you’re in a hurry or simply have a lot of audio content, you’ll only wait for a couple of minutes at the most. You won’t have to debate on which turnaround time to pick since every file has the exact same priority.

– Security & Affordability

The computer does all of the hard work without any middlemen involved. This ensures that no one will get an insight into the contents of your audio file. It’s only stored on the servers for the duration of the transcription, after which it’s permanently removed. In addition, most of the automated services have multiple different pricing plans in order to tailor to anyone’s needs.

An Advanced Automatic Transcriber

Simply put, Audext is an automated transcription service that further improves upon the existing concepts. Instead of relying on only one consistent algorithm, Audext takes advantage of AI and machine learning to provide a better result each consecutive time. It’s able to do so over 200 times more efficiently than any other competitor while keeping the accuracy at 99%+. The final text file comes with included speaker labels at no additional cost.

The interface is user-friendly and simple to use. Initiating the transcription process takes mere seconds – simply upload the file, wait until it’s finished and choose the file export format. Transcription software Audext also contains a built-in text editor which shows the text output in real-time, giving you the ability to edit it on-the-fly and save additional time. Everything is done exclusively through your web browser – there’s no need to download any sketchy software to your PC.

Each newly registered user gets 30 free minutes of transcription. The registration process doesn’t require you to enter any personal details – simply enter your e-mail address, select a password and you’re ready to go. If you like it and wish to get additional minutes, there are both subscription and per hour pricing plans.

Convert Speech-to-Text via Dictation

When you don’t feel like typing, speech-to-text is there to save the day. Whether you want to write out an e-mail or fill an online form, real-time dictation can convert your spoken words into their textual equivalents. There are numerous free tools to help you do just that – both web-based and in the form of a downloadable program. If you’re on a Windows PC, you can take advantage of Microsoft’s built-in speech recognition. Similarly, MacOS users have a voice dictation app that does the exact same thing. If none of these options suit you, there’s always the possibility of creating an audio recording and uploading it to Audext for the guaranteed best results.

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