How To Watch Hotstar In the US Easily

Want to get an unlimited supply of videos and movies to watch? Are you an avid binge-watcher too? Well, then Hotstar is just the app for you. You can get a video on demand with Hotstar that will allow you to stream videos. This will allow you to have access to premium content that is only available for paid content.  In order to use Hotstar, it is very easy; all you need to do is create an account and pay for your subscription. 

If you are based outside India, then don’t worry, Hotstar is now available in other countries like the US, UK and Canada as well. This way you are able to access all the Indian content that is available on Hotstar so you can indulge yourself in the variety of Indian cinema. Not only that but you can also stream Hotstar on all kinds of platforms and is not limited to just one device, but you can access it in unlimited devices as well. 

What kind of content does Hotstar offer?

Hotstar has a wide variety of content that it offers to the users. You can find many genres like sports, entertainment, movies and such. You can get to chose from a wide array of Bollywood movie classics. These range from action to drama to romance, thriller and comedy. Get Hotstar today and get exposed to unlimited access to Indian cinema. 

If you are a sports junkie, then you can also watch cricket! Yes, the sport that gets the entire country indulged during matches. You can tune in to Hotstar any time of the day and watch the content any time you like. You do not even have to worry about missing a game or a match as you can watch it on Hotstar any time that you would like. 

In addition to that, you also get exclusive access to all HBO content as Hotstar has the rights to stream it online as well. Therefore, you not only get movies and sports for the subscription but also all the exciting television shows and programs like the game and thrones and Gotham. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and get your subscription today!

As Hotstar is only available for streaming outside of India in a select few countries, this is a great opportunity to get quality content if it is available in your region. 

How can you watch Hotstar in the US?

The subscription for the Hotstar in the US is 49.99 dollars for a year.This package will provide you with an unlimited series of content and on-demand videos. However, you may experience some difficulty in getting access to some India content as there is heavy completion of content and a handful of competitors have certain deals in place for those.  You can access Hotstar online as well on

Here are steps in which you can watch Hotstar in the US and access all the Indian content:

If you are having difficulties accessing the content available in India, then do not worry as you can have it all with the help of a VPN. Indian Hotstar provides its users with a variety of content from the Avengers to the sports premier league. They also provide their subscribers with a lot of free content. But with a VPN, you can have it all too.  These steps are all you need to follow:

  1. You can use the surf shark account and create an account there or sign up. You can use the account on unlimited devices as well. 
  2. Then you can go ahead and connect to any Indian server, then you go to HotstarIndia and then you can buy youself an Indian subscription. 
  3. Finally, you can access and watch any of the content that you wish to on any device you want! 

You can use the surfshark to access the content from anywhere in the world if the content is not available in your region. This gives you an opportunity to have access to all that you could not originally. Therefore, this is a good way to get the quality content that you wish to view!

The amount for subscribing to the Hotstar may differ in different countries. Here are the details regarding the amount that is needed for every country: –

  • In the US it is 49.99 dollars
  • In the UK it is 59.99 pounds.
  • In India, it is 999 rupees
  • In Canada, it is 49.99 dollars as well. 

Even in India, subscription to Hotstar does not come for free. You can get access for only a 7 day trial period for all the content, after which you will have to pay to get your premium account to get access to all the content after your trial period comes to an end.

If you want to watch Hotstar and you live in the US, then this is a great opportunity as you can get access to Hotstar as well now. Enjoy all of the premium content and get exclusive content as well. Get your subscription today!

Watch Hotstar in the US and get access to all Indian content as well using a VPN, if you are wondering if using a VPN will affect the quality of your streaming then don’t worry as it will not make that big of a difference. There will not be any noticeable or big difference if you opt to use the right server located in the right country or location. For example, if you use a server in India to access content for an Indian streaming service, then you will not experience any such issues; similarly, if you use a US server to access the content in a US streaming service, then you will experience the same thing. 

You can now watch Hotstar from anywhere in the world with the help of a VPN.  Even though the content is sometimes restricted. In terms of the geographical area, don’t restrict yourself from any content! 

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