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The quality of life that we lead are largely dependent on the various habits that we accumulate through the course of our lives. Our habits not only define us but also have an overall effect on our day to day life in general. Which is why it is imperative to improve our habits if we want to improve quality of our lives. But before getting into the details, we need to broadly classify the habits of our lives – happiness habits, health habits, vitality habits, economic habits and leisure habits. These five broad categories more or less encompass the entirety of our lives. Now let us look at ways to improve them.

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Happiness habits

These are really important habits that define happiness and hence the quality of our life. So, in order to improve the quality of life try to implement the following three simple habits in your life and see the results.

  • Smile more often: We all smile when we are happy or elated. But it is all the more important to smile when we are not feeling either of the emotions. Try smiling when you are stressed, it makes the weight on your shoulders lighter by a considerable margin. 
  • Meditate: Although most people think of it as a waste of time, but the truth cannot be further from it. Meditation not only calms your mind, but it also has a rejuvenating effect on your body. Try absolving yourself from all activities and thoughts for a set amount of time everyday and introspect, you would start seeing the world in a new light.
  • Learn something: The moment one stops learning, their growth gets stagnated and gradually the person regresses. So it is important to try and keep on learning something every single day. Dedicate fifteen to twenty minutes of your time everyday to this activity and you would find yourself to become a much better person with time.

Health habits

A healthy life is a happy life. Health should be a priority in life. Implement the following really simple but very effective health habits and improve the quality of your life.

  • Do not skip breakfast: In our rush and hurry to get about our day many of us skip breakfast quite a few days a week. Not only does it increase the risk of Type II Diabetes, but also results in the accumulation of LDL which may lead to heart problems later in life. Moreover a healthy breakfast enables the body to function optimally throughout the day. 
  • Drink 2.5 – 3 litres of water: More than 70% of our body is made up by water. Our lungs, are comprised of water by 83%. So the general thumb rule is that we have to have 64 ounces of water everyday which roughly approximates to 3 litres. Having adequate water also keeps metabolism and other vital functions stable. 
  • Have enough vitamins and minerals: Most of us in our daily hurry skip the hassle of eating green vegetables and instead rely on fast food to quench our hunger. Not only are fast foods harmful, but they also lack the essential ingredients of green vegetables – minerals and vitamins. So it is imperative that we have a healthy intake of green vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. 

Vitality habits

These are some of the habits that optimize your day and improve the overall quality of our life.

  • Time management: This is the most difficult habit to maintain. Our hectic schedules more often than not are not entirely in our control. As a result, very often we mismanage time which leads us to getting tired and lethargic during crux events. Try having a general daily schedule. So whenever you spend more time on any activity you can balance it out through your other actions. 
  • Sleep for at least 6 hours a day: The human body requires at least six hours of sleep every single day to function properly. A lot of people skip hours of sleep to catch up with the extra work. But this ordeal our body goes through starts taking its toll as our body functions start detoriating. To keep ourselves in prime condition, six hours of sleep a day is an absolute necessity. 
  • Exercise daily: Most of us have little or no time in our daily lives to have a daily exercise schedule. And then most of us do not have to walk to our respective work places. As a result we have almost next to none physical exertion. So we need to find a small chunk of time to exercise daily. Not only does it burn excess calories but it also has a revitalizing effect on our body which goes a long way to keeping us fit and healthy.

Economic habits

Budget is a very important issue for most of us. There are some strong economic habits that if implemented can improve the quailty of life by decreasing the stress, improving the management and hence the overall life.

  • Save 20% of your income: A problem or an urgency can befall anyone at any given time. So it is only wise to have some savings to fall back upon. But it does not mean giving up everything. Instead if we save 20% of our income regularly, over a short period of time we would have a considerable savings amount to fall back upon. 
  • Daily budgeting: Most people tend to not be able to save anything due to reckless spending. If we categorically decide our daily budgets, this problem can be solved to a great extent. This does not necessarily mean not having fun. But this shows you how much money have you spent extra so that you can cut back and recuperate the money by spending less after having an extravagant day. 
  • Education: It is wise to keep a small part of your salary for educational purposes. You should spend a minimum of thirty minutes of your day towards education in your career or field. This would help you stay ahead at work and have peace of mind. 

Leisure habits

Yeah! Last but not the least. Got some free time on hands? You can use it to improve the quality of your life.

  • Do something that you have been putting off: It may be cleaning up your house or redoing the furniture. There is always one thing or the other that you have been putting off. Your leisure is the right time to do it. No matter how difficult it is have a go at it. 
  • Socialize and network: Human beings are social animals. So it is important to find time for friends and family. So when you have some free time try catching up with all the people who matter to you. It may see very cheesy, but believe it, they would appreciate you all the more for it. 

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