How to Use PhotoDiva Free Portrait Photo Editor to Create Outstanding Shots

If you are new to photo editing, you may find the regular portrait editor a bit difficult to use. It’s even more challenging when the editor has a complex layout that makes it hard to navigate.

Beginners who want an easy route to learning photo editing can explore free portrait editor PhotoDiva. It’s a photo editor designed for anyone who’s looking to improve their portraits, whether or not they have any digital design experience. It’s a free tool as well; you don’t have to pay for any of its features.

PhotoDiva’s simple user interface allows the newbie designer to learn the ropes very quickly and puts them in full charge of their projects at every step. It’s easy to gain a mastery of the software in a relatively short while.

A Simple Guide to Enhancing Photos with PhotoDiva

At the start page of this photo editing software, you will find an invitation to select a photo of your choice. It’s written in bold text, so you can’t miss it. The obvious benefit of this is that it lets you know exactly how to proceed from the beginning.

You can start by clicking the purple ‘open a photo’ button. This should open the picture file on your computer so you can choose a photo you want to work with. The editing tools are listed at the top right of the window. Here’s a guide through these tools and their functions.

1. Modify Your Photos with the Retouch Function

The retouch function lets you make changes to various skin features in the portrait you are working on. You can use it to achieve enhancements like clearer eyes, lighter skin, shiny smile, whiter teeth, and many more.

If you want greater control over the details of these changes, you can implement them with the custom settings. With this tool, you can reduce the redness of your subjects’ eyes, or make their skin appear smoother, simply by shifting the sliders dedicated to these effects.

By clicking on the compare button at the top left of the window, you can observe the difference between the original and edited photos.

2. Adjust Face Shape with the Sculpt Tool

A host of changes can be made to the shape of your subject’s face with this free portrait editor. For example, you can reduce the size of the nose by dragging the slider for this to the left or increase the width of the lips by taking the slider for lip width to the right.

These sculpting functions can help you prime the shape of the face you are editing so that it takes your preferred form.

3. Work with an Array of Virtual Makeup Tools

Add a touch of makeup to your portrait with PhotoDiva’s digital makeup kit. Apply the lipstick effect and adjust for amount, colour, and shine. You can also dab the cheeks with a blusher, make the cheekbones more prominent, and introduce eye shadows that fit with the general features of the subject’s face.

4. Explore Common Settings for More Editing Tools

Besides availing its users of advanced tools, PhotoDiva also covers more basic photo settings. Features like highlights, contrast, and shadows can be tweaked by dragging the slides for these settings left or right.

An auto-correction button helps you raise the quality of your photo. You can also change the light and saturation of colours in the photo individually and darken or lighten the photo with a vignetting tool. These can add to the beauty of your portraits just as much as advanced tools can.

5. Try Out Over 100 Unique Photo Effects

If you want even more enhancements in your finishes, you can do this with any of the over 100 photo filter effects that PhotoDiva offers. Give your photo a cinematic look, or transform it into something with a decades-old look, depending on the final form you intend your portrait to take.

Why the PhotoDiva Portrait Editor is Useful for Everyone

Beginners and experienced designers may want to use the PhotoDiva portrait software for a number of reasons.

1. They Don’t Have to Pay for Its Tools

PhotoDiva is a free portrait editing software that they can get a handle on very quickly. It saves them time and also lets them learn at no cost.

2. Makes Automatic Photo Editing Possible

The auto-retouch function enables the user to make alterations like removing skin wrinkles, reducing glare, introducing sharpness to the eyes, and adjusting the colour of the lips. These changes can be effected simply by clicking on panels that represent them. Features can also be edited by shifting the appropriate slides.

3. Quickly Fashion Advanced Adjustments

Small defects like acne can be removed with the ‘healing brush’. Larger objects are taken out using the clone stamp. The clone stamp lets you copy pixels from elsewhere on the portrait and paste them onto problem areas, to cover over the faults that they may have.

4. Changes Backgrounds Easily

Changing backgrounds with portrait photo editor involves cutting the subject out from an original photo and pasting them onto a new setting. However, you may opt for a less radical change, such as blurring backgrounds. This can be done in a few steps.

First, go to the Effects tab and click on the ‘blur background’ item under it. Then circle out the subject area with your cursor and change the processing mode to ‘outside’. You can blur the background outside the circle by going to the sharpness tab and shifting the slider to the right.

5. Makes Faces More Expressive

You can make facial expressions more obvious by altering the highlights and shadows in the add dimension section.

Final Words

PhotoDiva comes with features that are essential for a user-friendly photo editor. Total beginners can navigate through it with ease and learn to work with it in just a short while. It’s also a free portrait photo editor, so you can use its advanced tools without paying for them. Because it’s free and achieves a lot with its features, it’s a good portrait editing software to deploy for your photo editing projects.

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