Top 10 Devices to Make your Home a Smart Home

It’s 2020 and unless you have spent the last decade under a rock or something you should be well aware of the vast technical development that occurred over the span of the last decade. Nowadays, the parameters of judging how good a house is have changed entirely. Fancy chandeliers, soothing lights or a surround home theatre system aren’t just enough to make your home good. To be precise, they don’t make your home a smart home. And in today’s world, turning your home into a smart home is the trend of the decade. And do you know what do you require to qualify your home as a smart home? Smart home devices.

Nowadays having a smart home isn’t just about asking Alexa to play your favorite song or checking on the weather through Siri. Today, you can roast your chicken on a grill, turn your lights off when you leave, turn off all electrical appliances when you sleep or maybe turn on the ac while walking through the front door after a long, long day at work. 

Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the best smart home devices which are absolutely indispensable to turn your home into a smart home. 

1. Amazon Echo Dot:

The first on the list is pretty basic considering the vast variety of smart speakers available in the market. The best feature? Unlike some of its competitors, Amazon Echo Dot boasts about supporting a host of third party devices which makes it the perfect smart speaker to add to your home on the way to turn it into a smart home. It is one of the must-have smart home devices.

2. Google Nest Hub:

Next on the list of smart home devices is a smart display. Of all the smart displays available on the market, Google Nest Hub has refined and refurbished the concept of a smart display. The best feature is Google’s trademark Speech to Google software which comes on this with a cool new interface. In addition to the vibrant speech line, it shows on the screen the command you said so that you can check if google heard you correctly. From checking front door cameras to ringing doorbells, this can do it all and is a must-have smart home device in today’s market. 

3. Nest WiFi:

With smart home devices scattered all over your house, it’s understandable that you would have connectivity problems as your router may or may not be able to cover the whole area. Moreover, no matter how good your router is, it is a fact that it won’t have the same strength all over the house. This is where the Nest WiFi comes in, its two device starter pack can cover an area of 5,800 sq. ft. In addition to that, its range extender makes for a very reliable smart speaker. 

4. TP Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini:

When it comes to a smart plug, almost all devices perform the basic necessities but one advantage which this particular smart home device offers is that it doesn’t cover up the adjacent outlet because of its slim design. Kasa Smart Plug can turn on and off based on time or even your current location. Pretty cool, huh? 

5. Phillips Hue White LED:

It’s a common knowledge that when it comes to anything about lights or bulbs or LEDs Phillips is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. And that didn’t change a bit with the introduction of its range of smart lights, Phillips Hue. Of all the companies out there manufacturing smart home devices and lights, Phillips offers the broadest range, starting from simple A19 bulbs to floodlights, light strips and an entire system of outdoor lighting which has revolutionized smart lights. To start you need to invest a total of $70 to get a pair of smart bulbs and a Hue hub to get the system online. The Bluetooth version of the bulbs are available at $30 each if you want to reduce the number of hubs used. 

6. Ecobee Smart Thermostat:

A smart thermostat helps you to control your air conditioning and heaters with the command of your voice or through your smart home device. Moreover, the remote sensors accessibility of this device enables you to make the important part of your home the focal point of temperature readings rather a far off corridor. Ecobee can also effectively control the temperature to match the correct ambiance through its sensors. Running on wifi, this is a very important smart home device that should be on the bucket list of every smart home. 

7. Arlo Pro 3:

The Arlo Pro series have long reigned the market of smart security cameras. The Arlo Pro 3 is no exception to that and has already become the best security camera system available. With a hefty price tag of $500, it is a bit costly for a smart home device. But after that initial investment, it’d come with two cameras and a wifi base. Every additional camera would cost around 190$. 

8. Simplisafe:

With a base station, a keypad, a motion sensor and an open/close sensor, the SimpliSafe 3.0 base kit comes at $299. The best bit? You don’t have to lock onto a professional contract and may opt for a $15/ month professional monitoring which you can discontinue at any point of time for this smart home device. 

9. Nest Hello:

By connecting to the WiFi network, the Nest Hello, smart home device, offers you real-time feed of anybody who accesses your doorbell. On top of that, it has free storage of three hours’ worth of video clips. Its prime feature? A fully customizable owner-controlled facial recognition system which would help you weed out unwanted visitors and allow in known people without the hassle of walking to the door and checking. 

10. August Smart Lock Pro Plus Connect Bundle:

August Smart Lock Pro is one smart home device that most consumers shy away from. A malicious hacker or a technical failure has the chance to open up and compromise your home security and adds the possibility of you getting locked out. But this lock connects over wifi and has to be used through the August app on your smart device. It lets you give virtual time-limited keys to anybody and everybody so that you don’t have to face the awkward conversation of asking the key back. On top of that you can revoke anybody’s key at any time. And lastly, you can still use your physical key in case of a power failure. Pretty neat, huh? 

A smart home isn’t about how many smart home devices it boasts of, it is about the smoothness and effectivity with which those devices control and execute the plethora of activities assigned to them. So before going out there buying the first thing available make sure that you research thoroughly. 

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