How to Eliminate Bad Habits from your Life

Before we begin, you have to understand a simple thing – you cannot just break a bad habit of your suddenly out of the blue. Though it is possible to do so through intense and rigorous mental and physical ordeal, frankly speaking most of us don’t have the time and luxury to go through something like that as in today’s fast paced world every single second counts. So what you can do is replace your bad habits with a good one. That’s the key – for every bad habit you want out, you have to incorporate one good habit in your life. Now enough beating around the bush, let’s get straight to it.

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Choose a substitute for your bad habit:

Before you even think about doing away with a bad habit, line up a replacement good habit which would take its place. Let’s say for example you have a bad habit of chewing on your nails. So the next time you catch yourself unawares, chewing on them or you feel the urge to chew them, do something entirely different. Maybe drink a glass of water, or do a set of lunges. Baseline is do something productive. If you have a bad habit of smoking, every time you feel the urge to smoke, go and do some free hand exercises. What would you do when you feel the uncontrollable urge to surf through social media?

Take a notebook and write three lines about anything you fancy. If you get angry at the slightest of things, then the next time you get angry at someone, instead of reacting, think of three things that person is really good at. So the point is to keep your mind occupied to do something else, preferably productive so that the bad habit keeps from occurring while you form a good habit to help you with life. 

Cut out as many triggers as possible:

Do you feel like smoking every time you get a drink? Then stop going to a bar. Do you feel like going through Facebook every time you pick up your phone? Then stop picking up your phone, or use it as sparsely as possible. Do you have a tendency to abuse when you get angry? Stop getting into situations that make you angry.

Avoid any situation that may remotely have the chance of making your angry. It sounds almost impossible right? But if you really want to kick your bad habit to the ground, then you have to do this. And honestly speaking, it is not impossible, it is very much possible. All you need to achieve this is will power and focus. Those are they key, as long as you have those you would see, that not only would the challenge not appear humungous, it would in fact appear to be relatively way easier than you anticipated it to be. 

Join forces with ones striving to achieve similar goals:

Do you know the primary reason why almost every single solo attempt at kicking a bad habit fails? It is because of the simple thought process that begins to take hold once withdrawl kicks in. you start thinking, ‘It’s just one time. No one would even know. I’d be right on track after this.’ No, it is not possible to pick up form where you left off after one relapse. Every single relapse makes you begin again from square one, day one.

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All the progress that you’ve made vanishes overnight. Sound pretty disheartening right? Well, good that we have solution to this. Find someone who is wanting to leave the same bad habit that you are, or someone who is trying to get rid of any bad habit in general. Suppose you find somebody who wants to quit smoking and you want to quit browsing social media. Make a wager where both keep an eye on each other, and every time anybody relapses they would have to pay the other one up. The simple fact that someone else wants you to be better acts as a powerful motivation to kick a bad habit to the curb.

Surround yourself with people whose lifestyle match the one you are trying to achieve:

Do not understand wrong, this doesn’t mean that you forsake old friends and relations. It just emphasizes on going out there and meeting new people and forming new bonds, bonds which would act as catalysts in your quest to drop your bad habit. If you have a problem of overeating, find people who follow a strict diet and work out regularly. Seeing them follow that healthy lifestyle, you would be hard pressed into incorporating the same in your life which would let you achieve your primary goal, stop overeating. 

Always use the word ‘but’ while making a self negatory statement which emphasizes on your bad habit:

Often we describe ourselves as things which we do not want ourselves to be. If you are addicted to drinking time and again you have described yourself as drunk in spite of cringing internally and wanting to quit. Next time you do so, say, ‘I’m a drunkard, but of late I’m trying to quit.’ Believe me, positive reinforcements go a long way in helping out your cause. If you have failed in something and consider yourself a failure, then say, ‘I’m a failure, but everybody fails some time or the other.’

Have a plan if you relapse:

This is the most important of all. Relapsing is something that can happen at any time when your bad habit hits you at a time when you are the most vulnerable. What you need to do instead of beating yourself up over it is, introduce triggers that would help you remember. If you are always anxious and stressed, and you drive around a lot, then make the red light your trigger. Teach yourself to feel happy about any one thing every time you stop at a red light. If you can’t stop smoking, then use the smoke as a trigger. Every time somebody smokes, or you can smell the stench of tobacco, you have a glass of water, or you listen to music

The bottom line is that it is easier said than done. In the end, it all comes down to your will power and motivation. So make sure you choose the correct motivation. Do not try to exercise to get a body like Dwayne Johnson, exercise to stay healthy. These little thing are the ones that matter the most in the long run. 

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