8 Consequences of Building Without Planning Permission 

One of the most important aspects of a building project is permissions. Building permissions give an entity the legal green light to go ahead with its building projects. This ensures that all the city or area codes have been adhered to as well as other standard building procedures.

If one chooses to go ahead without permission, they may face various challenges at different stages.

The following are eight main consequences of building without building permissions:

It can lead to higher costs

This is one of the most direct consequences of a lack of permission. If the local construction authority realises that a building project has been on-going without the required permissions, they may obstruct its progress.

Stopping a project means a financial loss because you will have to spend more time before the project is complete. Stalling a project leads to more extended contracts with service providers such as security and equipment hire. This leads to higher costs of construction, thus translating to higher costs of the finished building.

The local authorities may also decide to impose a fine or bring down the work that has proceeded without permission and approvals. This can quickly lead to huge losses or heavy fines that may be punitive to pay. Ensuring that you get all the permission before you proceed will help you avoid punitive fines or heavy losses.

It may bring confusion and conflicts 

Seeking permits helps one to become aware of certain specific things about an area. Some areas are better suited to projects that rely on certain materials as compared to others. For example, some areas have weather patterns that can easily affect external building materials such as decking boards while others have adverse effects on flooring materials such as decking boards flooring.

As a result, some areas require decking boards and decking boards flooring that are tougher and more resilient as compared to other areas with more friendly weather patterns. Seeking the necessary permits, therefore, will help investors to anticipate issues that might affect the project.

The project may be delayed

This is another main consequence of failing to get all the approvals and permissions needed. Most building authorities stop a project once they learn that the project has no permission. The progress of construction is halted to allow the building inspectors to inspect and make a decision about the said project.

The inspectors may take a considerable amount of time to assess the project as well as to test samples. This may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. During that time, the project has to be stopped.

Stopping the project is likely to affect the delivery time of the project. That means that the clients may take longer to get their returns. Delays are also likely to drive up the cost of the project and ultimately, the value for money each client gets. Adhering to building codes and getting all the approvals before proceeding can help investors to reduce time wastage and ensure the project is delivered on time.

Quality may not be guaranteed

One of the best ways to ensure that you deliver quality services is by adhering to the laid out procedures. This works to ensure that all the standard steps are followed at each stage. Failing to get all the required approvals can hugely affect the quality of the end product.

Another one of the basic ways of ensuring adherence to quality is by ensuring you get all the permissions required to set up a building. Before setting up a building, it’s important to ensure that you have confirmation that your project site is safe for development. If the area is not safe, the permission will be denied.

Failing to seek permission may lead to the development of poor quality buildings that are built on areas that are not suitable for building. An example of this would be someone setting up a building in a reserve waterway. When the water finally comes, it may sweep off the building or compromise its structural integrity.

It may affect the morale of the staff

Building without permission may impact the morale of the staff working at the site negatively. The staff may lack the motivation to work and give it their best. This is because most of the people working on construction sites know that working on a project that has not been 100% permitted may not be legal.

Working in a project that is not 100% legal has consequences and might have issues with insurance and compensation. As a result, many of the staff are not likely to give the job their best since they know they are vulnerable. This means that the staff will tend to be laid back and feel less motivated to work on such a project.

It may hinder the hiring of staff 

Lack of all the proper permissions may lead to problems with hiring staff. Various staff and service providers may require certain permissions such as permits before they render their services. If a company is not properly permitted to undertake a project, it may encounter problems hiring staff.

Delays in the hiring of staff can lead to delays in completing the project. This not only delays handing over of the projects to the client but also increases the costs and reduces profits.

It may lead to environmental problems

Another aspect of building permits that makes them important is the fact that they address the environmental aspects of the project. If a building project is likely to interfere negatively with the environment, it’s likely to miss the necessary permits. Building without all the necessary permissions may lead to environmental issues such as flooding or poor drainage.

Getting permission allows one to anticipate issues that may arise at various stages of the project. With adequate preparations, most projects run without any major issues.

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