PSA: We Found Your New Favorite Bra

Finding a bra that is cute and comfortable can at times be so challenging that we may be tempted to ditch the bra altogether. When we do want a little extra padding, however, we’re left scouring the internet for undergarments that we won’t want to strip off immediately at the end of a long day. Whether it’s too little support (we’re looking at you, bralettes), or too much (hello, plunge bras), there seem to be so few bras that fall neatly in the middle—Goldilocks would have a field day. 

The secret weapon of the lingerie world? Demi-cup bras. With a hint of skin, light padding, and delicate details, they’re just right.

Occasionally referred to as a half-bra, a demi-cup is a parti-bra style that covers from half to three-quarters of the breast, creating the perfect amount of cleavage, while keeping you comfortable. Demi-cup bras are cut low along the entire bra, as opposed to plunge bras that dip only in the center. Consequently, this style is great with any neckline as it is unlikely to peek through any top. Plus, with less coverage and a comfortable underwire, you get the feeling of not wearing a bra, with all the perks of actually wearing one. Win-win. 

Scroll down to discover one of the best-kept secrets in the bra world, then explore the 10 brands who are doing it right.

Calvin Klein will always be a classic in the comfortable lingerie world. With clean, minimal designs, this brand is perfect for casual Sundays spent at home, or comfortable Mondays spent at work. 

Busty girls will love these demi bras. Reviews praise their serious support while still maintaining flattering design details like lace—a difficult combination to find. 

Natori is imbued with a minimalist vibe that ensures its bras will slip unnoticed under any shirt. Perfect for T-shirts or turtlenecks, wear these when you’re seeking an understated look. 

Bluebella is made for days when you’re feeling a little something extra. Instantly boost your mood (and give your body a little love) with its sultry designs. 

If you’re not yet convinced that demi bras are for you, Chantelle Lingerie is here to fix that. Designed with time-honored techniques that ensure support and style, Chantelle Lingerie is an instant go-to.

Dora Larsen’s style are vintage-inspired—a big plus in our books. Modern styles complimented with delicate lace make these demi bras particularly sweet. 

Freya identifies as a brand that specializes in lingerie designed for full figures—and we’re totally behind that. With flattering silhouettes and comfortable support, this is the bra for every woman. 

Elomi knows that celebrating your curves starts with your most intimate layers. With fun, feminine prints, Elomi makes you excited to put on a bra (and that’s saying something). 

The name of the brand gives it all away. Wearing Negative Underwear will feel like you’re not wearing any undergarments at all. That’s no small feat, but it’s accomplished by the brand’s stretchy fabrics and elastic underbands. 

If you want to ditch your bra altogether, try these easy alternatives.

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