Scrum – How to Design in an Agile Environment

Any product development is not very easy task to accomplish. It involves more activities and tasks to be completed as a part of designing a product. Agile is a boon to the industry as it is the emerging way of product development currently. Why is it so? What makes Agile an ideal approach? These kind of question arises in this situation and it is not bad to be self-familiar with the basics of agile and its unique approach. When we work with other methodologies, addition of new tasks into the already available one is not easy.

For Example, say product is already developed with the help v-model or waterfall method, and a new functionality has to be included newly as Clients needs the already developed product to be updated with new requirement. But it is not easy to do include anything new as it sounds if we used any traditional methodologies which is the main drawback of those strategies. This in turn serves so much negative effects on the products development phase. It is always important to build a proper development strategy to achieve the satisfactory product. Want to know more about Scrum Master Certification please visit starAgile website.

Agile is a rapid developing strategy which is a pretty much easy task to be dealt with. Regardless of the phase of the product development, in this approach, any new changes or missed changes can be fetched easily. The product what we mean here is not only the software product, but also applicable for other products like Car manufacturing, other engineering products, event organizing, etc. In this article, how Design phase works out here and also the key areas to be focused.

An Insight to the Agile workflow design:

      Agile works based out a different crew. Once the Projects Business requirements from the Product Owner, the different crews are formed by the team management. Then the main requirements are abstracted from the High level documents and it is divided into multiple small requirements. Sprints are coming into the picture here. Sprints are typically the period at the end of which we can get usable piece of small developed products. The common approach is to have 2- 4 weeks of sprint time for 1 iteration. Even though we are running on agile or scrum to achieve the result, it is always to have a clear vision of what we are going to do altogether!! Like the below image, it will have ‘n’ number of requirements altogether as a part of 1 particular project design and development. It starts from the Sprint 0 and goes up to Sprint n.

Agile workflow design

Crew members:

As a part of team formation, project manager is responsible for the success of the product and also driving the deliverables across multi-functional teams. Once identified, the team members are ganged across all technologies with the team members ranging from 3-10 in a team. If there are more than 10 members, it can be split into two teams. Each team should have a separate product owner to track the processes. It includes developers, testers, BAs and also for organizational purpose there will be a scrum master included along with product owner. For one sprint, there will be a group of team members and the same set of team members may continue to work for all the upcoming sprints and they may be altered too based on the several aspects by the team management.

Crew members

Sprint Regular Meetings:

Scrum owner has the rights to know the status of the project, issues that prevent the crew from working further and many other project related information. So the Regular meetings are being hosted by the scrum master on a daily basis. Product owner can also participate in that. Whether the team has any issues that stops the progress and if yes, where the blocks or any other concerns the team have, can be discussed and the problem can come to combat. It is also mandatory Agile developed teams should enable communication between all necessary technologies to avoid any discrepancies in the progress.

sprint backlog

Effective Communication:

                 It is also mandatory Agile developed teams should enable communication between all necessary technologies to avoid any discrepancies in the progress. Obviously it is easier to fetch any new updates or modification in middle of the product but to strive better result, effective communication paves the path.

Sprint Backlogs:

Sprint Backlogs

As it is said, for any complex development, scrum will help to break it into various small requirements with the help of sprints. Your product back log should have all requirements that are finalized as part of the product visualization and product strategy.  There can be a one-on-one mapping between your strategy goals against your product back log (Templates similar to Requirement-Traceability-Matrix can be followed). This product back log items have to be reviewed with all stake holders. Once they are agreed upon, the items towards the initial goals to be marked out for initial set of user stories. When you are arriving on user stories, dependencies on inter related technologies or inflow/outflow should be considered, failing which there may be showstopper to proceed and complete the user stories. 

Spring Retrospective and Backlog Refinements:

Spring Retrospective

Being a part of agile manifesto, we all know that end of each sprint, retrospection is required to happen. When you are handling a product development in agile mode, it is imperative to have a feedback session with your end-user after each release, revisit your product road map and strategy based on your priorities, any priority change required in your next sprint. 

As it is shown above, mainly how well last sprint went is being discussed here in retro meet ups by the crew members. It is kind of detailed discussion or kind of feedback from the own team members about what did work and what did not. This type of meetings happen at the end of each sprint. It is designed such a way that the next sprint can be better with the help of team’s input on the negative side on the last sprint and to make prolific achievements.

Things to be improved:

Although in all aspects Agile is a perfect strategy, it takes only a couple of things to be improved. When a product is developed by someone in the past, new changes come as a part of the current scope is rarely taken by the same individual who has developed it. Thus, in that case, when it is assigned to the new team member, he/ she may not get clear visions as it is not much easy to look and understand other’s work. That’s why it is always better to have a clear communication across different technologies who are under one scope. And in Agile methodology, sometimes the team does not get time to do retros because of the past paced period of time it specifically follows. For good end results, Retrospective is important.

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