5 Tips for Choosing an Influencer

Influencers are individuals who use their social media content to influence consumers to buy products or services. They do so by creating blog posts, videos, and photos to promote products in a particular niche. Let’s look at practical ways of choosing an influencer for outreach or product promotions.

Do Your Research

Influencers are, well, influential, but this may still depend on your target audience. Review your data to see what kinds of the campaign had the most impact on your customers. For example. if you are selling wooden toys for kids, did your clients react well to articles or video presentations?

If parents prefer demonstration and visualization, perhaps it’s better to choose an influencer who is not just a parent themselves but also specializes in visual content that demonstrates how products work. He or she can create a demo video showing how beneficial the toy is to kids.

Determine Your Audience

Another tip is to choose whether a local or national influencer will promote your brand. It’s also a matter of identifying if your target audience is confined in a single area or not.

If you’re the only furniture warehouse in the region, getting a national influencer will have both advantages and drawbacks. The main benefit is that national influencers tend to have a broader reach. On the flip side, their style or tone may not be suited to your local customers. Likewise, you might face problems in delivery and customer service if you do not have the logistical capacity for national coverage. Using local influencers makes sense in that case, as they have more in common with your local audience.

Identify the Influencer’s Reach

An influencers may have a million followers, but how many people are reacting to their posts? Are their followers commenting and sharing the posts? What percentage of social media users are current and new? Such indicators show how influencers’ content resonates with potential customers.

Note that while traffic is essential, the engagement must still reach your target audience. For example, if you are a swimwear brand, a makeup blogger with a small reach on Instagram is more influential than a fashion blogger with only a few unique monthly visitors on Twitter.

Be Authentic

Part of your research is to determine whether an influencer’s style or language is a natural fit for your brand. You’ll also see whether an influencer can indeed use your product and give recommendations.

If you are a shampoo manufacturer, influencers will appear more authentic if they use your products regularly and can share engaging personal stories, such as how they were able to save consumption while retaining silky hair. The more genuine the review, the more compelling the promotion becomes.

Part of this situation is to explain to influencers what’s in store for them when they use your products or services. If they think that they can connect with your brand, they are more likely to convey the same message to customers.

Think Outside the Box

Niche-based influencers might also be looking to diversify their scope. Your offer might be their chance to do something different, and it could play in your favor. If you are selling motorcycle accessories, influencers might also want to create vlogs or reviews for them.

Proper information and smart decision-making are key to choosing an influencer who will help your business conduct campaigns, sell products, and reach more customers.

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