FYI: This Is Why J.Lo’s Skin Is So Damn Glowy at 50

Disclaimer: I have a major soft spot for Jennifer Lopez. In fact, 13-year-old me was a serious fangirl, and I bet any teenager who lived through 2002 was also one. With Maid in Manhattan, “Jenny from the Block,” and Glow by J.Lo eau de toilette all launching that year, she firmly cemented herself as a box-office hit, R&B star, and beauty guru in a mere 12 months—and I was hooked. Since then, I’ve continued to admire Lopez’s career from a distance, but it was only when faced with her up close when I went to watch Hustlers at the cinema this week that I realized how damn amazing she looks. And since she has two decades on me, I was keen to find out exactly how J.Lo is still stepping out with that trademark glow at 50 years old.

Lopez is notoriously tight-lipped about the ways she keeps her skin looking so incredible, but with a bit of beauty-editor detective work (and a little help from the internet), I’ve managed to uncover a few key beauty tips that J.Lo swears by for achieving that radiant glow. Keep scrolling for five reasons Jennifer Lopez’s skin looks so incredible at 50.

In an interview with People, Lopez spilled the beans on how she gets her skin looking so radiant, and it’s down to chemical exfoliation. Her product of choice? “Glycolic acid to get that healthy glow and clear skin,” J.Lo revealed.

Lopez is a big advocate of working out for keeping both her body and mind healthy, but she’s religious about cleansing post-exercise to keep her complexion looking fresh: “I always, always wash my face after a workout,” Lopez told Hello. “That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy.”

From the skincare line of Beverly Hills–based dermatologist Harold Lancer, this regenerating cleanser is one of J.Lo’s favorites.

I’ve been looking for cleansing options that are more sustainable, and this low-packaging, vegan soap from Herbivore ticks the boxes. It uses purifying blue clay and calming lavender to deeply cleanse the face and body for a fresh, clarified complexion.

When asked what beauty advice she would give her teenage self, Lopez’s charming reply was, “Love yourself. Stop spending so much time worrying about what others think. Because when you love yourself and you’re happy it is reflected in your whole body—and that’s what makes you truly beautiful.” Her last tip? “Use a good moisturizer.”

The natural moisturizer that J.Lo uses on a daily basis for that trademark glow.

Lock in moisture for up to 24 hours with this intensely hydrating (and affordable) moisturizer. Bonus points for its soothing, cooling texture. This is ideal for sensitive skin types.

Now you’re channeling your inner Jenny from the block, why not opt for a fragrance created by the lady herself? Trust me—her new perfume is decidedly more grown-up than Glow and contains some of J.Lo’s favorite ingredients. With notes of Italian tangerine, fruity berries, floral hits of jasmine, and honeysuckle, it has a fragrant, almost woodsy aroma that dries down into sweet, heady amber. I’m a fan.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Next up: 13 Reasons January Jones Looks Half Her Age.

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