Helpful Tips on Getting Stronger in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken over the whole world since its release. The game has been updated many times since it was first launched, making it more find to play. Well, the basics of this very popular game are simple and easy.

All you need to do is to walk, catch a Pokemon, and gather as many Pokemon as you can. Also, you need to make stopovers at PokeStops to fill your vessel with goodies that will aid your Trainer on the process.

However, when it comes to getting stronger or mastering Pokemon Go, there is an abundance of things and info you need to consider. For a little help, we’ve rounded up some tips on getting stronger in this game. Read on!

Put Your Eggs In An Incubator

When you visit PokeStops, you collect eggs or gifts that will help you boost candies, gain XP, and acquire some Pokemon. If you’ve collected eggs, make sure to put or place them in an incubator and travel the needed distance, perhaps about 10km.

Normally, users start with an infinite or unlimited use incubator. However, more often than not, you will be provided with 3x incubators. Also, you can purchase them in the shop. With that said, ensure to use or utilize them wisely.

Although there are many Pokemon Go cheats available today, through this technique, you can maximize your use of incubators. Additionally, look out for special deals wherein hatching distances are cut down.

Raise Trainer Level

Take note that a Pokemon’s combat points can only increase if its trainer level will sanction or grant. So, if you have a very high trainer level, then you can power up or increase the combat points of your Pokemon.

When you reach the maximum limit of the combat limit of a Pokemon, you can then power up this particular Pokemon if you uplift or elevate your trainer level. Remember that the CP limit is void or withdrawn when the trainer level is 35.

Thus, you can power up your Pokemon to your heart’s content, provided that you have the Candy and Stardust.

Create An Army

Bag and Pokedex are two domains of the game that lists the Pokemon you seize. Bag means the Pokemon that are available to you, while Pokedex displays all the creatures you have caught, Pokemons you have seen, and outlines the evolution paths.

With the Pokedex, you don’t need to carry all types of Pokemon as an increasing collection in your bag. Keep in mind that it is much better to have the Pokemon you mostly need, which is an army to battle in the Raid and Gym battles.

However, it will require you to have updated versions of Pokemon. Still, it is much better to have several Blissey than a Kakuna, Metapod, Caterpie, etc,. Also, take note that once these Pokemon are listed and evolved, they won’t be beneficial for you.

Thus, understand and know the skills of your Pokemon and create an army that fights well, for instance, Vaporeon, Blissey, and Gengar.

Exchange Pokemon For Candies

There is an option to exchange Pokemon for candies. All you need to do is to hand it out to the professor. Transfer out those creatures you do not need. Say, for instance, if you have at least twenty Rattata, then you can perhaps exchange some for candies to increase the CP of the Pokemon you need for battle.

Disable AR Mode

Undoubtedly, the AR mode can be exciting and fun since it brings real life to the game. However, it consumes a lot of your battery life, making the game more difficult and challenging. Also, it does not work on some phones.

It is much better to turn it off and play the game much easier. Plus, you will find it much more straightforward to catch or seize Pokemon since the environment is the same.

Utilize Adventure Sync

Adventure Sync is the latest addition to the game. With this feature, it can now be linked with your phone’s step counter. Thus, you do not need to open the application all the time. This recently added function will do all the counting when you are walking.

Because of this, you can seize those eggs easily. What’s more, even if you are not playing the game, you can still make use of all the walking you are doing.


Since it was first launched, Pokemon Go has come a long way. New features and additions are added to the game, thus, making the gaming experience much easier and simpler. However, if you’ve stopped playing Pokemon Go for a while and want to come back playing much stronger and better, then there are several things you need to do.

The tips outlined in this post will surely help you become stronger in playing this game and become a master of Pokemon Go.

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