4 Fashion Editors Name Their 3 Desert Island Basics

Sure, the likelihood of any of us ending up on a desert island is extremely low, however, in the event of such a challenging ordeal, the most important thing to keep in mind are you desert island basics. Sure—shelter, food, and water are also things you’ll need to keep in mind once you assume the role of the survivor, but it’s way more fun to envision the fashion items you can’t live without, right?

Ahead, hear from fashion editors on the three top desert island basics they can’t see themselves living without to see if you agree. If you do, be sure to shop their picks so, in the unlikely event of a Tom Hanks Cast Away situation, you’re as prepared as humanly possible.

“Ankle boots definitely top the list of basic items I wear constantly. If I was forced to only pick one pair, I’d go for a brand that I know stands for quality like Everlane. Their newer shapes like this pointed-toe pair feel a bit more forward than usual for them, while still remaining completely classic.”

“If I had to pick one do-it-all bra to wear for the rest of my life, this would be it. It’s just lined enough to stop the nipples from making themselves known, and there are definitely some situations when that’s preferred. It does have the support of an underwire so that inherently makes it a little less comfortable than bras without a wire, but I still found it to be very comfortable. The best part to me is the shape and how seamless it looks under a white T-shirt. It molded to my shape completely so I didn’t have any gapping, which is something I’m no stranger to in bras.”

“Naturally, a classic white tee tops my list, and I went ahead and picked the style that’s been a constant best-seller on Who What Wear. The classic crew neck and quality you get with Hanes makes these T-shirts a no-brainer.”

“I basically live in slippers, so these chic ones would accompany me everywhere.”

“Since my natural state is freezing, a sweatshirt (currently obsessed with this one) is a must-pack.”

“My eyes are really weak, so protection for them (you only get one pair!) is key.”

“I live in this sweatshirt in any season, wearing it alone in the warmer months and layered when it’s cold. It’s just the perfect cut for any style of pants, although more often than not I’m wearing it with the jeans on the next slide…”

“When it comes to these jeans, I’m a broken record because I can’t talk about them—or wear them—enough. They’re just the perfect, black, everyday pair.”

“I know it’s probably hot on this imagined desert island, but since it’s currently in the 30s in NYC, all I can think about wearing is boots. If I had to pick one day-to-night pair that would go with everything, it’s looking like it has to be these by Dear Frances.”

“Call me boring, but no matter where I am, I cannot live without a basic black sweater. It’s the most versatile piece I own—easy to dress up or down, great for work or the weekend. I certainly wouldn’t want to be stranded anywhere without one! I’m particularly fond of this basic Zara crew-neck sweater which feels and looks a lot more expensive than its price tag.”

“I will always choose a blazer over any other jacket. Black and checked blazers are on heavy rotation right now, but it’s a chic beige blazer that I unquestionably wear on repeat. So versatile and chic!”

“I’m a jeans girl through and through, and I wear my basic high-rise slim jeans basically every other day. They’re so comfortable and easy to dress up or down.”

Next, here’s exactly how I became a fashion editor.

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