How to Maintain a Sofa: Care of Different Fabrics

Sofa is a safe haven for everyone and anytime – for you after a long workday, for your significant other, who enjoys spending his or her time on the sofa with a glass of red wine or with a beer can. And for your furry little friends, who seek to warm up their tiny feet after a long walk during the rainy day. And for your children as well, who love to lay down on your most lovable IKEA sofa covers and colour their books with felt tip pens. Yes, real-life is messy. So why not spend a few minutes reading on how to maintain your sofa fabric? Let‘s get this started.

Linen Blends

Linen features a high level of breathability as they are thin, so they become a perfect partner on hot sunny days. However, because of its delicacy, it‘s important to follow the washing instructions. Linen fabric can be washed at 40°C, dried, ironed and dry cleaned, but it is not recommended to chlorinate it.

Also, if you do not want to iron it, it‘s best to fit not completely dried linen IKEA sofa covers on the piece of furniture. It will help to keep the fabric as smooth as possible. When ironing linen blends, there are specific rules – it is recommended to iron it while the fabric is damp or with steam on a medium setting. That‘s all for the guidance! Simple, isn‘t it?

Velvet Blends

After touching the soft, comfy and lustrous surface of the velvet, it‘s hard not to fall in love with it! However, IKEA sofa covers made from this fabric should be protected from the furry friends of the household, because the blend tends to attract lint. The good news is– it can all be washed away!

Similarly to linen blends, velvet covers can be washed at 40°C, ironed and chemically cleaned. On the other hand, it‘s not recommended to dry and chlorinate it. What to do if one of your family members has stained the sofa cover? In fact, nothing special. Spots and dirt are washable, velvet IKEA sofa covers make one forget about the panic and confusion trying to treat the spot as quickly as possible. All the ammunition you need is a machine – a washing machine!

Cashmere Blends

The rumours are true: cashmere is a fabric requiring high maintenance to keep it soft and luxurious. However, another truth is that proper cleaning, drying and storage can easily keep it in excellent shape. Are you ready to learn more? Ok, so listen carefully – cashmere can be cleaned at home. If you would like to wash it by hand, just fill the basin with cold water, add soap, leave the cashmere IKEA sofa covers for five minutes and pull it out.

For those who like to take easier paths, a washing machine is a solution. Just remember to select a gentle, “hand-wash” cycle and cold water. Lastly, to make the job even easier, take your cover to the professional cleaners. And that‘s all? Yes, it is! But wait, there is another trick – cashmere blends featuring nanotechnology can protect any sofa from dirt, stains and spills. Don‘t want to wash the cover after every little accident? Then, this is a solution for you! All you’ll need to do is to wipe the spill with any ordinary piece of cloth. Hard to believe? Try for yourself.

Everything is easy when you know what to do. It applies to any life situation. No matter what fabric your IKEA sofa covers are made of, they all can last as long as you take the best care of them.

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