Viewdeos Review | Generate New Revenue Source With Viewdeos

If you want to generate maximum possible revenue out of your regular website traffic, and if you feel like ordinary ad networks are not helping you in achieving your income goals? Then you are knocking at the right door because we are going to provide you the best solution in the form of “viewdeos“. 

Viewdeos is an online video advertising platform, which has emerged as a maximum revenue-generating source for the publishers since its foundation (i.e 2015).

Why Choose Video advertising?

In the recent few years, video advertisement has become a new trendsetter in the world of digital marketing. As we know that in the digital world, new trends come and go but video advertising has proved that it has come not just to stay but to rule. It has surpassed all the conventional advertising methods by becoming the most preferred advertising platform for the following reasons :

  1. Video is the best way to convey a lot of information in less time
  2. The majority of users prefer video to watch. 
  3. Videos boost sales.
  4. Videos are more user-friendly and appealing.

Here are some real facts and figures about Video Marketing. 

  • 87% of online marketers use video content.
  • 64% of purchases are made after watching video ads.
  • 79% of users say that they prefer video over text about the same topic.
  • 81% of brands use video as a marketing tool.
  • Stats show that in 2018, 65% ad revenue earning was made solely by video ads.

Now when you know the benefits of choosing video advertising. Then a selection of the best and most appropriate advertising platform might be the next question in your mind. We are giving you the best solution here in the form of “viewdeos”.

Complete Review:

We have tried to provide all the information about viewdeos to you through this review article. We will walk you through all the basic information about the company, the pros, and cons and the method to get started along with all the things you should know before getting started. just stick to this article and read till the end.

Company Stats And Info:

  • Company Name: Viewdeos
  • CEO: Sebastien Rozen
  • Founded Date: Mar 1, 2015
  • Monetization method: Video Ads.
  • Ad Pricing Model: CPM
  • Minimum Payout: 100$
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payment Options: Paypal and Bank Transfer.
  • Minimum Traffic Requirement: 2 million pageviews per month.


Viewdeos is a well known digital video advertising network that provides easy digital video solutions to publishers and advertisers to guide them through the maze of digital marketing.

Viewdeos is a new advertising company as compared to other well-known advertising platforms, it was founded in 2015 but in these four years it has made such huge progress that it has enabled it to edge out the competitors and to stand among the most famous marketing companies. It is already working with top brands and has become famous among publishers as well.

It helps the publishers in getting closer to their financial goals by generating streams of extra income for them through their unique video ads which run quite smoothly and efficiently even with their existing ad networks and tools.

How Does It Work?

Viewdeos is a video advertising platform that works on the CPM pricing model and provides in-article video ad displaying experience to its users which enables them to earn maximum revenue through high-quality video ads. It serves video instream and outstream. Viewdeos can be implemented either as DFP or you can simply use it by copying a piece of code and integrating it into your existing code series which will make it easy to run smoothly and efficiently without causing any problem to your existing ad tools.

Best And Unique Features of Viewdeos:

Following are the best features which have enabled viewdeos to emerge as a unique advertising platform by securing its place in the digital marketing world even in the presence of giant video advertising platforms like youtube and facebook

  1. Multi-Screen approach.
  2. Runs with your existing Ads.
  3. In-article video ads display.
  4. Catchy and appealing high-quality ads.
  5. Premium video inventory model.
  6. Instream and out-stream video service.
  7. Short-form engaging videos.
  8. Improved relevancy of ads.
  9. Reliable spam-free network.
  10. No language requirements.

Why Advertisers Prefer “Viewdeos”?

This fact is now clear that video advertising has become the boss of digital advertising world and is the best tool to target a huge audience in no time and such a pace that it has left conventional marketing far behind so advertisers and companies invest their money in video advertising networks, and among all the video ad platforms viewdeos is the most promising and reliable platform to invest your money. It gives the following benefits to its advertisers.

Benefits And Perks For The Advertisers:

  • Multi-screen approach
  • Large and targeted audience
  • Affordable ads (CPM, CPV)
  • Great metrics (View-Through Rate, Engemement Rate.)
  • Premium quality interactive ads
  • Live customer support
  • No specific language requirements

Why Publishers Should Choose “Viewdeos”?

Maximum revenue earning is the dream of every publisher but the selection of the best advertising platform is the most important thing and this is where many new publishers get stuck and fail to generate their required earnings because of the ever-increasing complexity of social marketing.

If you are a publisher with 2 million page views and you want to maximize your revenue through generating extra income in addition to your existing ad tools, then viewdeos should be your first choice because viewdeos gives you earnings far more than you could make through displaying traditional ads on your website. Following are the features which viewdeos provide to its publishers to earn the highest possible revenues

Benefits And Perks For The Publishers:

  • Key Markets: US UK CA AU
  • Innovative and unique monetization opportunities
  • Publisher user interface
  • Easy integration with simple code
  • AMP Compatible
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Anti-spam network
  • Good CPM
  • Good Fill Rate
  • Several incentives
  • Payments are always on time
  • Real-time statistics
  • API
  • 24/7 Live support

Despite the provision of maximum possible ease to their publishers, they have made certain rules and regulations for their users which they should strictly follow because they don’t compromise on their performance for that they have devised a proper privacy policy and following strict regulations:

  • To get approved as a publisher, you must prove your identity first.
  • You must be the owner of that website.
  • You must have 2 million-plus page views per month.
  • The publishers are not allowed to use auto-refresh tools to make more money.


  • In time payment
  • Good CPM
  • Good FillRate
  • Works best even with your already existing ads.
  • It enables you to track your impressions and earnings efficiently.
  • Runs on all screens and devices.


  • Fewer Payment options are available.
  • Minimum traffic requirement of 2 million page views per month which is not an easily achievable goal being a beginner.
  • Ad blockers cut down your revenue.

How to Get Started:

The registration process is very easy, you just have to visit their website,, apply for an account as a publisher by filling in all the required information about yourself and your website. They will contact you shortly through a competent manager and will approve your account after confirmation.

After getting the approval you will be given the ad codes along with login information. Through logging in you will get access to all your analytics to check your revenues in no time.

The whole process is easy but in case you still face any problem regarding anything, you can get help anytime 24/7 through their website through live chat or call.

Contact Details:

Final words:

If you have 2 million page views per month on your website and you want to earn maximum side revenue through monetizing your website or if you are an Advertisers and you want to target a larger audience, then viewdeos is the best option for you.

We highly recommend viewdeos as the best advertising platform with the tested best quality premium ads. So, start earning maximum revenue by working with this wonderful and promising ad platform. It is worth trying.

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