4 Effective Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

A practical roadmap to save more on utilities

For most of us, our internet connection bill is a substantial monthly expense. Every year, with the weight of inflation rising on our shoulders, and wants becoming needs, we all deserve a certain amount of relief. From reading a book, watching an HD movie/favorite TV series, or taking a walk to the central park, Internet connectivity is the one thing that is always there. That requirement does come with the complication of financial strain. Therefore, the time has come to sort this thing for you, once and for all! And believe me, it doesn’t take an act of heroism, rather it is the sensible approach. Once it’s taken care of, you’ll be set for the longer haul!

While you can’t make your broadband service amazing immediately, you can definitely learn some techniques to cut the internet bill. The following tips can be very beneficial for lowering your internet bill!

Bundle Up!

You must be thinking; how adding more services could possibly save you some bucks. Let me explain, how. 

Bundling your subscriptions from the same company acts like kinship in college as if you have a sibling studying at the same institution you get concessions on tuition fees. Similarly, if you subscribe to multiple offerings from the same provider, many internet companies like Spectrum are willing to offer fairly attractive discounts. In order to check package pricing and availability in your region, you can always visit https://www.localcabledeals.com and explore their double play (2 services bundled) or triple play packages (3 services bundled) that offer attractive packages.

Always watch out for the times when carriers actively convince you to upgrade your speeds or number of channels for $5 or more per month. This apparently nominal monthly boost builds up over the year and eventually becomes a lot, undermining your objective — saving money!

Invest in your own Router and Modem

Some internet companies charge their customers a modem monthly service fee. They do not charge the user for the device but have monthly fees on the usage of their modem that acts as a form of rent. Generally that fee is charged even in some bundles, which include a modem and a Wi-Fi router package.

This is why most internet users choose to purchase their personal routers to prevent such additional fees. Nonetheless, a customer should choose from the approved routers of the provider recommended by the ISP itself to ensure smooth connectivity. By that, you will:

  • Enjoy better quality performance 
  • Avoid upsetting additional rental charges 
  • Make your home network more controlled 
  • Expand coverage
  • Have more cumulative annual savings

Check for applicable government subsidies

The government subsidizes internet bills if you fall under a particular income cap or are participating in some social programs. If your earnings are at or under 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Levels or you are enrolled in government programs such as Medicaid, Social Security, or others, you may be eligible for an internet subsidy.

For a family consisting of four persons, 135 percent of the 2019 Federal poverty level earnings is $25,750 per annum.

Trim internet speeds and look for extra charges

For optimal internet connectivity, an average household with multiple users needs 12-25 Mbps Internet speed on average. FCC itself endorses this scope. So, if you have been fooled into signing up for higher levels, get rid of them as soon as possible.

Look into the policies and see if any additional fees are billed. When you notice one, pick up the phone, call the toll-free number and ask them to make changes to your billable.

If you feel you don’t have the appetite for bargains, there are professional services that do the same for you. Normally they cost 50% of what you save after the contract.  I would say it isn’t a bad bet, because, you get a rebate on your bill without having to wait for the customer representative to take your call.

That’s all I’ve got for now but let me know if you have tried other tricks, in the comments below!

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