NYC Girls Won’t Go Near These Current Trends

There are trends, and then there are NYC trends. New York fashion girls have more than just the seasonal hype of a product to consider when choosing which trends they want to invest in, including functionality, breathability, and much more. Thanks to the infuriating heat and unavoidable walking and schlepping, rocking the latest heel trend might be tempting, but it can be far from practical. Get the picture?

Ahead I reached out to some of my favorite NYC girls to find out which fashion trends they are hating at the moment, in addition to the ones they are loving. Luckily, there are a lot of kitschy summer 2019 trends to consider, meaning the styles listed below are both exciting and practical.

“Platform sneakers are having a moment right now, but they’re just not for me. At 5’8″, I’m not dying for a height boost, and when I do want to add a little lift, I prefer a heel! A current trend I am really into is neons—I’m basically treating neon pink like a neutral this summer.” — Michelle Salem

“I would never go near a T-shirt that reads ‘keep calm and kale yoga avocado toast almond latte.’ A trend I adore is jewelry reminiscent of summer camp craft time and Lilly Pulitzer minidresses!” — Susan Alexandra

“In general, I am not a huge fan of super-tight clothing, but I am especially against it in this New York humidity. This summer, I’m gravitating toward anything flowy that will generate some sort of breeze.” — Lauren Eggertsen

“I love a good summery trend, but for some reason, I’ve always struggled with espadrilles. They look so cute on other women, but on me, I feel like they’re a bit too beachy for the streets of NYC. Instead, I love great mule sandals.” — Aemilia Madden

“I’m really sick of the strap bag or fanny pack. It’s been overdone in my opinion. I sort of associate it with festival style now. I’m all about kitschy fashion these days—I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Sign me up for crazy cheetah prints and anything cowboy-themed. The trick is having a futuristic take on it. For example, pair some matrix sunglasses or something that wouldn’t normally work with it to make it your own.” — Anaa Saber

“As someone who prefers to stick to a more neutral palette, I will definitely be staying away from the neon color trend this season. However, I’m highly excited about all the animal print that’s bubbling up right now and have already ordered these killer Reformation pants upon the suggestion of my co-worker Allyson Payer.” — Nicole Akhtarzad

“I’m not exactly sure how to name it, but the one trend I wouldn’t go near is sheer clothing sans undergarments. I don’t think I’ll ever feel comfortable showing off my body in such a public way like that, but I respect other women who do, especially because it’s a subtle form of resistance. Instead, the trend I’m wearing on repeat is midi skirts—I love to pair a high-waisted vintage skirt (ideally one that’s asymmetrical) with a white tee or a tube top. It’s such an easy outfit formula, and I always feel comfortable, even in this crazy heat.” — Lauren Caruso

“As much as I respect ‘ugly’ sneakers, I am just not the girl for them. It just feels a little too much for me, and the chunky silhouette doesn’t complement my shorter stature or shapely legs. If I want a daring pair of shoes, how about a sleek, clean pair of flats or small heels with built-in jewelry?” — Gina Marinelli

Next up, check out more fashion trends NYC girls are loving.

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