Plus Technologies – Introduction to Cloud-Based Print Management Solutions

Cloud based printing has emerged as one of the most prominent techniques over the years. If you business includes a SaaS cloud based solution hosted in a remote or satellite location, you need reliable cloud-based print management software. Plus Technologies’ Om Plus -iSat is the ideal software that you must use for delivering documents from a host based mainframe or any other technology you are using, over the Internet to remote customer locations. The software has been designed with keeping Saas environments in the mind. OM Plus is deployed on the application server.

Plus Technologies’ Print management software comes packed with plenty of features that could be highly useful in remote or satellite offices where the head office is not the company’s main office. Some of the highlighting features of the software are:

  • Pre-configured iSat software. You just need to plug it in and it will be operational almost instantly.
  • Offers excellent printing support for applications like ERP, accounting systems and EMR.
  • You get optional local point control software along with the print management software
  • Easy to operate. You don’t need technical expertise to the remote end

Some of the advantages of Plus Technologies’ OM Plus iSat software are as follows:

  • The software does not require a persistent connection which in turn minimizes vulnerabilities.
  • Eliminates the issues related to VPN such as security and difficulty in implementation and management.
  • The software effectively reduces network bandwidth
  • You get audit logs to track on the users using the software
  • Prints are pulled securely over the internet
  • Plus Technologies’s software is easy to install and implement
  • The software is supported on a variety of operating systems like Windows, Linux and Unix
  • The software offers print statistics for efficient printing and troubleshooting
  • You get a complete package with advanced features like automated failover, color control, load balancing, re-routing and label management.
  • The overall cost of printing is reduced as you do not an expensive VPN technology and support staff for maintenance.

Plus Technologies has made strides in the cloud based printing field with its suite of highly efficient, reliable and cost effective printing solutions. Its output management print solutions feature a dedicated output management engine called Delivery Manager and a host of other optional modules that can be added to solve any output management software related problems.

The print management solutions offered by Plus Technologies can be deployed with ease. The company designs these solutions specifically for entities that rely heavily on Saas. Some of the use cases of print solutions offered by Plus Technologies are:

  • Fleet management
  • Custom print release for transportation
  • Label Barcode print
  • Logistics Print applications
  • E-forms printing
  • Print solutions for smartphones and tablet
  • Document format transformations
  • Grade card batch printing

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