Track Multiple Time Zones Simultaneously With Cyclonis World Time

If you have a business client from different time zones then you must already be dealing with the issue of setting up the meetings, followups, presentations, etc. If you want to set up a meeting or book an appointment then you must know the working hours of all those clients and plan accordingly.

You can search the current times of different time zones on Google but don’t you think that it is a quite tedious process to go to Google or On your mobile application to view the time of different time zones so many times? Of course, it is.

Fortunately, there is a much easier way to view the times in different cities at once without having to go to your mobile app or Google. Cyclonis World Time is a powerful tool that lets you track the time of different cities. It comes with so many efficient features that we will be covering today.

Features Of Cyclonis World Time

Easy To Use And Light-weight

Cyclonis World Time is easy to use tool which is also light-weighted. That means, it doesn’t require much space in your system and won’t consume much RAM. The interface of the software is quite impressive and user-friendly. Anyone can use Cyclonis World Time without any hassle even the newbies. It takes only a few clicks to add a new clock to the software. The interface is completely clutter-free and you would love using Cyclonis World Time.

Track Multiple Time Zones

Cyclonis World Time simplifies the complicated and tedious process of tracking multiple time zones. It is a simple and effective tool designed for complex tasks. It displays the time of all the cities you need to know and then you can set up meetings based on the timing of each city of your clients. Not only for business purpose, but you can also even know if it is a right time to call your friend who lives in a different time zone. Cyclonis World Time is also pretty helpful when you are planning an arrival or departure.

With this tool, you can track as many time zones as you want. It doesn’t impose any limits in adding the cities or time zones to track whether you want to track time of 2 continents or five etc. So, Cyclonis World Time makes it possible to view the multiple time zones at once which is amazing.

Desktop Widget

To make it even more convenient, Cyclonis World Time offers you a desktop widget. With the help of desktop widget for Cyclonis World Time, you can view the times of different place directly from the desktop. You won’t have to go to the app in order to view the time of a particular city.

Easily Customizable

Cyclonis World Time is also quite customizable. It provides you control of tracking the time zones. You can even change the overall look of the app according to your requirements. What’s more, it also lets you adjust the opacity, change the color of different time zones, change the appearance of the desktop icon, etc. according to your preferences. You can even place the widget anywhere on your desktop. The transparent desktop widget of Cyclonis World Time also looks cool and also won’t interfere with other components of your screen while working. It also lets you highlight different time zones by different colors.

Sunset, Sunrise & Daylight Information

There is another helpful feature of Cyclonis World Time which provides you the sunrise, sunset, and the daylight information. You can view this information for each timezone on the Cyclonis World Time homepage. This will help you to plan your daily schedule in a better way.

How To Setup Cyclonis World Time

Now let’s get to know how to set up Cyclonis World Time and use it to track time of different time zones. It’s a pretty simple process and you only need to follow few steps mentioned below. Let’s get started.

  1. As Cyclonis World Time is a desktop application, you have to download and install it in your system. Cyclonis World Time is available for Mac and Windows. So, you need to download this time tracking tool according to your system.
  2. Now launch the software and it will provide you the details about your current time zone. On the homepage, you can view current location, day, date and time of that location. It also shows you a big round clock. At the bottom, there is information regarding sunrise, sunset, and daylight.
  3. At the top menubar, there is an option called Settings where you can change the current location, and turn on/off auto-start and auto current location.
  4. When you come back at My clocks option, at the right sidebar, you would see all the clocks you have added.
  5. To add a clock, you have to click on Add Locations option. Then you need to enter the name of the location, select it from the search results and then click on add selected option.
    The clock will be added.
  6. It will also automatically add the widget on your desktop. You can easily customize it. When you right-click on the widget it would provide many options to adjust the appearance of it.


  • Totally Free To Use

Final Words

Cyclonis World Time is a must-have tool if you have to deal with the clients from different time zones. It helps in setting up the meetings to suit the timing of every client, helps you in calling your friend at the right time as per his/her time zone and many other things. The best part is that Cyclonis World Time is that it is totally free to use. So, try the software for yourself and share your experience with us.

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