We Should All Dress Like Lili Reinhart When Flying

On a crisp fall night, inside a warehouse in Brooklyn, Lili Reinhart sits in a faux subway car at an exclusive party surrounded by admirers—myself included. This outer-borough event, celebrating the relaunch of American Express’s classic green Amex card, is a bit of a treck from the Who What Wear offices in Manhattan, but definitely not something I was about to miss. On-trend and on-theme for the event, Reinhart is wearing a black turtleneck paired with a vibrant green suit; her skin looks dewy, and her hair is pushed back with a clip. As I compliment her outfit, she laughs, remarking, “I look like Kermit the frog, but in a good way.” And this is how our conversation begins—her self-deprecating introduction was just the tip of the reasons-we-love-Lili iceberg. Ahead (thanks to Amex), you’ll learn more about the Hustlers star as she shares her delivery guilty pleasure, her pre-flight beauty routine, her go-to airport look, and more.

What’s your Halloween costume this year? 

“I am working on Halloween, so I’ll be Betty Cooper for Halloween,” Reinhart told us. Whether that’s blonde Betty or Dark Betty, we’ll just have to wait and see on the next season of Riverdale

Controversial question: Are you a fan of candy corn? 

The verdict is in—Reinhart is, in fact, a fan of candy corn—a connaisseur, really. Yes I am,” she admitted, “But I only like one specific brand, which is Brach’s candy corn. Any other kind is disgusting.” And that’s the tea. 

You’re in New York for a day—where are you eating without a question?

Most would assume there’s a fancy restaurant Reinhart loves to sneak into, but she, in fact, confessed that she’d rather order in. Oh, god. This is the worst answer ever—I’m embarrassed—but I always try to order Panera anytime I’m in the States, because they don’t have it in Canada, and I love Panera.” Who even knew that Panera was available on Postmates? Lili Reinhart, that’s who.   

If you’re stuck inside the airport what are you eating?

Reinhart reflected, “I usually get like those peach cups they have at the airport, but if I’m desperate, I’ll do the Pringles.” Once you pop, you can’t stop, right?

What’s your signature color? 

While wearing head-to-toe green, Reinhart mused, “I wear a lot of black and gray in my daily life—I also love jeans.” 

Do you have a favorite denim brand?

“I love Madewell and Mother jeans,” Reinhart dished. 

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What’s your go-to airport look?

While Reinhart’s red carpet style is extra—in a good-way—her airport style is utilitarian. She’s always wearing high-waisted jeans, combat boots, a T-shirt tucked into the jeans and a cool jacket. 

Do you have an in-flight beauty routine? 

Reinhart told us, “I travel a lot, which is why I’m here with Amex because they have three times the points on travel, which is amazing for someone who never stops traveling—I flew in on a red-eye last night and got off the plane, and now I’m here. But before I get on my flight, I take a face oil and pat it on my face, because your skin gets dried out in-flight. I also do a heavier moisturizer before I fly, but I can’t tell you which brand that is yet since I have something special in the works.” 

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

“I have a poetry book coming out in May, and you can look forward to another announcement on a beauty venture I’m working on,” Reinhart revealed to us. 

We’ll be waiting with bated breath for Reinhart’s next announcement, but until then shop her travel essentials…

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