5 Mistakes Most Businesses Make in the Hiring Process

Depending on its size, a few bad hires could sink a new business. Indeed, growing companies can’t afford to bring on employees who are not qualified, capable, and motivated. Not only do poor hiring choices set companies back financially, but they can also upset company chemistry and negatively affect workplace culture. Given all that, today we’re going to outline five mistakes that most businesses make in the hiring process –– so that you can avoid them and make the best hire possible every time. Check them out here:

Casting Too Wide a Net

The last thing any business owner wants is to miss out on an amazing, talented professional who is operating in their own backyard. And while this fear is understandable, it can sometimes lead business owners and recruiters to cast too wide a net in search of a new employee. If, for instance, you’re looking to hire a web developer to help with your new ecommerce site, then limit your search to individuals who have relevant experience. Otherwise, you could find yourself overloaded with applications from unqualified candidates.

Rushing to Judgement

Human beings are wired to make snap judgements about people. In an evolutionary sense, this allows us to quickly assess a situation for danger. However, in the modern world, rushing to judgement about others can lead to serious mistakes. A first impression is important, yes, but it’s critical to be patient with applicants to a new position. Dismissing a candidate too quickly could cost you dearly in the long run. 

Lack of Staff Involvement

It’s important for business leaders to involve their current employees in the search for a new hire. After all, new team members will spend most of their time with their fellow coworkers. And it’s vital that they develop good working relationships quickly. Plus, the more your staff is involved in the process, the more effective actions like in depth interviewing will ultimately prove. 

Failing to Communicate

Job-seekers don’t apply to just one position. Rather, they’ll send out applications to dozens –– if not hundreds –– of potential employers at a time. As such, business owners have to assume that a talented professional will have other offers from competing companies. Because of this, it’s key to communicate and respond to candidates quickly. Taking too long to reply to a candidate could end up allowing another business to “swoop in” and hijack your deal. 


Sometimes, the best decision a business owner can make is to simply walk away and start over. If your hiring team can’t find a suitable person for a new position, then resist the urge to hire someone anyway. Don’t let your standards slip just because you’re looking to expand. Instead, only make hires when you feel confident that they can succeed. 

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