Which is harder; CISSP or CISM?

CISSP and CISM are two certifications that have their own specifications. CISM, standing for certified information security manager, is a certification that is solely focused on management while cissp certification, standing for certified information systems security professional, is both managerial and technical. What is the difference between the two certifications and which one is harder? If you are finding information about CISSP and CISM, make sure to give this a read. 

What is the CISM certification

Is CISM Training available for those interested to get the certification? If yes, first we need to understand what CISM is. CISM certification, offered by ISACA, is a certification that calls out to professionals involved in the fields of assurance, security, governance and risk management. In order to become certified, the applicants have to pass a 200-Multiple choice question exam covering four important areas of study. 

What is the CISSP certification?

CISSP or certified information security system professional is a globally recognized information security certification. This certification ensures a person’s expertise and ability in the information security fields. 

Which is easier; CISM or CISSP?

Well, when it comes to the ease of certification, none of them is too easy. Yet, we can compare the difficulty level of the two certifications. Most people like to believe that both are equally difficult with none being more difficult than the other. Even if the difficulty levels are more or less the same, there are some areas of difference that make one harder than the other for some!

  1. While CISSP is more technical, mainly based on concepts, CISM is less technical in terms of being much management focused. 
  2. CISM focuses on managerial qualities whereas CISSP is related to cyber-security which can help you validate your knowledge and move ahead in your career. 
  3. CISM is more theoretical in nature and demands your managerial skills, doesn’t require much technological information. CISSP, on the other hand, is much more technical in nature and requires a clear understanding of concepts. 

Some people, who are better at technology than at management, may find CSSP easier while others who are better at management will find CISM easier. So, either way, the difficulty level of both may be the same, but when weighed on an individual scale, it may vary based on one’s area of expertise and their strength. 

Advantages of CISM and CISSP 

Why do people want to get these certifications? What benefits can you reap from holding these certifications? Here are your answers. 


  • Catching up with the latest 


With technology on the rise almost every day, we know how crucial it has become in today’s era. Taking either of these training will help you keep up with the latest and rising trends. For those of you who choose to take these training courses, you will find yourself greatly equipped with the latest technology and will be able to reap maximum benefits out of them which others won’t have. 


  • The rising trend and way of the future


With the growing developments in the technological field, the demand for IT professionals had shown a rapid increase. As the businesses expand, they bring along new features that are not easily dealt with by an ordinary person. To fill this need, there is a high demand for professionals with advanced certifications. To qualify for these posts, having done CISM or CISSP training, you’ll have a fair advantage over other candidates who are not certified with the training. This will increase your chances of getting a well-paid IT job. 


  • Giving your salary a boost with these training


These certifications are said to have raised worker’s salaries by almost about 10%. The financial rewards once you get the certification at hand are the greatest. Although you will invest some money in getting these training, the boost in salary that you’ll get in exchange will definitely pay off your investment within a short time-span.


  • Getting the preference


When it comes to the IT industry, they go for the most qualified and deserving candidates out of a lot of thousands. In such a case, those who have a certification in CISSP or CISM are given a greater preference over those who don’t. With market demands on the rise and increase in skills demands, CISM and CISSP certifications are considered to stand out of the crowd, thus providing you a greater chance of entering the IT industry with your skill at hand.

CISM and CISSP training

These are very advanced level certificates and attaining them is not all that easy. To pass the exam one must have both; precise interactive training and hand-on experience. Even with hundreds of candidates taking these exams every year, it takes a clear mind and great passion to carry forth the career of IT. In accordance with the growing demand, many training companies are working on providing CISM and CISSP training related courses. They are equipped with the best facilities to provide the best services to the candidates. Similarly, for international students, there have been many other similar IT training programs of CISM and CISSP certification.  These training sessions provide additional benefits of polishing and improving your skills apart from just helping you get the certification. Moreover, they may even help you in getting a good, well-paid job.  

Of the many places that you can access this training from, one site is www.simplilearn.com which provides you CISM certification training which is offered and delivered with the best services that you can get. They offer their training sessions for both; individuals and for corporate training, so you can choose the package that you need. You can register by filling in your details provided on the page to access their facility.

What we can conclude then is that when we talk in terms of difficulty, we cannot say which one is more difficult because this can only be measured at an individual scale. Yet, what we can conclude is that both certifications, be it CISSP or CISM offer more or less the same benefits and can end up in you getting a well-paid job!

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