7 Airport Shoe “Mistakes” Celebrities Repeatedly Make

Celebrities have very different airport experiences than the rest of us. They often have a VIP escort through the terminals (who also helps with their luggage), get to skip the lines, and are usually nestled comfortably in first class once they reach the plane.

So it’s understandable that they don’t always follow the same set of travel “rules” as we do. One of those rules is traveling in appropriate footwear, but there are a number of airport shoe “mistakes” that celebrities repeatedly make, and their luxurious travel experiences actually kind of allow for it. Sadly, these mistakes should probably be avoided by the rest of us non-celeb travelers.

There are seven airport shoe mistakes (for one reason or another) we constantly see celebrities make. While we’d like to just copy their outfits sans worries, practicality and functionality are key at the airport, when standing in long security lines and running to your gate is the norm. So in case you’re curious, keep scrolling to see what those mistakes are and shop airport-friendly shoes to wear instead for your next flight.

They may look chic, but backless heels aren’t exactly conducive to a lot of walking. Instead, wear backless flats, which are both easy to walk in and easy to slip on and off.

On Priyanka Chopra: Illesteva Isabella Sunglasses ($230); Alexander Wang top; Acler pants; Tod’s bag; Kurt Geiger shoes

Flip-flops were a late-summer-2018 shoe trend that bubbled up, but they offer little support and don’t do much to protect your feet in busy airports. Opt for sturdier sandals instead.

On Heidi Klum: Celine bag

Dr. Martens and the like certainly look cool and are trendier than ever right now, but you may regret choosing them when you’re walking (or running) a mile through the airport. Go with lightweight flats instead.

On Bella Hadid: Givenchy jacket; Louis Vuitton bag; Dr. Martens shoes

Tall boots certainly go a long way in making an outfit look chic, but taking them off to go through security isn’t our idea of fun. Go with ankle boots instead, which can look just as chic.

WHO: Victoria Beckham

Sneakers are a great choice for the airport, but sneakers with a lot of straps and laces will definitely leave you tied up at security (no pun intended). Slip-on sneakers, on the other hand, are a no-fail choice.

On Naomi Campbell: Burberry Logo Cashmere Scarf ($550)

Celebrities in stilettos at the airport are a dime a dozen, but we’re willing to bet that many of them change their shoes once they arrive at their gate. If you want to wear heels, go with a low block heel instead, which is significantly more walkable.

On Miranda Kerr: Louis Vuitton bag

Combat boots are the easiest way to make your outfit look cooler, but they’re not the easiest shoes to get on and off. Do yourself a favor and wear Chelsea boots instead, which can easily be slipped on and off.

On Lily Collins: Burberry bag

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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