Securing Your Car with Smart Tech: Raven Dash Cam Review

The growth of different technologies is growing rapidly. We are already witnessing the change and increment of the technologies from our generation to this generation. A lot of things have been changed such as, we are using an email instead of the letter, we are using social networking sites instead of sitting together at a place, and we are using google to know things instead of discussing with someone.

Every industry is growing, innovating, and developing with various technologies on a regular basis. The automobile industry is one of the growths among all. People are seeking the highest level of safety at the time they chose their cars. The manufacturers are leading to manufacturing cars with high-level security, which is known as smart cars.

However, the fact cannot be denied that the regular creation of innovations is important as much as the manufacturing of smart cars is. Smart cars are driven by innovations only. After manufacturing of a smart car, the concern comes to that, how a smart car can stay secure? Nowadays, cybersecurity is coming in focus during the process of manufacturing of a smart car.

Eventually, security is becoming the most preferred aspect for people at the time they choose their cars.

In the following post, I am going to make you go through with one of the best dash cameras for your car available in the market- RAVEN DASH CAMERA.

Your car needs outer security as much as internal security. Keeping a Dash Camera fitted in your car is one of the first steps which you can take ahead towards the internal safety of your smart car.

Why should you add Dash Cam in your car?

  • It becomes the first evidence in case accident
  • It helps to capture all the crimes
  • It prevents you from the insurance frauds
  • If you are a parent and concerned about your Kid’s driving style, it will help in reviewing your child’s driving so that you can help them to learn the right way of driving
  • It will also help you to record the memories of your road trips

Let’s go and buy the Dash Camera for your car.

RAVEN DASH CAMERA– Keep your car connected, smarter, and safer.

The Raven Dash Camera is the world’s first complete connected car System. It always allows you to have the best information to make your driving and journey more safely. It offers an extreme level of services, including a high level of security.

The Raven Dash Camera does not offer a high pixeled camera, and it does offer an exclusive app, too, which will help you to have a track of all things. An app includes the Dashboard, Driving History, Trip card, Screen Editor, and many more.

Apart from an App (available in both play store and app store), it involves a parking guard that helps you to track your car, wherever it has been used, and a GPS with Dash Cam is just fabulous.


Dashboard, it allows you to have a live status of your vehicles and its surroundings.

raven 3

  • It covers both sides of your car, inside and outside
  • Live location of your car
  • Identify the car problems
  • Notify the level of fuel
  • Notify the current speed
  • Trip Sharing
  • Navigation

Driving History, it allows accessing your trips anytime and anywhere. It will keep a record of all the road trips.

Trip-card, this section of a Raven Dash Cam app, makes it easy to have a look at all the activities of your vehicle. You can have a clear summary of all the trips taken by your car. 

Raven 1

Screen Editor, the app allows you to make the changes from the screen. Multiple options are available where you can choose from: 

  • Acceleration
  • Altitude
  • Clock (Time changes)
  • Temperature (Warm or Cool)
  • Distance
  • Fuel Economy
  • Live traffic
  • Outside temperature
  • Speed limit


  • WI-FI Availability
  • Live high-level GPS Navigation
  • Driving Alerts and Notifications
  • Speed Alert
  • Easily download and share video
  • Be notified what is happening in and around your car
  • Security Alert and notification
  • Continuously record while you drive
  • An external storage card (micro SD card) is allowed to add in the camera for the continuously recording


First of all, it offers a pleasant look and sits on the dashboard with its highly pixeled camera in your car. The camera is used to do multi-tasking driving and driving adventures, as this makes the view more accessible while driving. It allows you to customize it as per the requirement, just like a PC.

raven 4

Apart from it, it provides a killer-feature of check-in, just like other rideshare apps such as Uber and Ola. You can keep your loved ones informed about their departure and arriving time while driving through the Raven Dash Cam App.

You can keep your car maintained and safe at the same by using a Raven Dash Camera. It alerts you whenever your car needs you.

Don’t wait. Now: Just go and buy the Raven Dash Camera.

Where to buy: On Raven’s website and Amazon

With Plan: Buy Raven Dash Camera in $299 with a choice of a monthly plan- $8, $16, or $32: or at $30 monthly for 12 months with one year of data included by using Affirm Credit.

Though, it allows buying a Raven Dash Cam without a data plan, if you are not looking to use the LTE feature of Raven Dash Cam. 

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