Why You Should Use a VPN in Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a field that is prone to constant changes. Each year usually brings new trends that every serious marketer needs to learn about. One category that has been taking the industry by storm is digital marketing.

In short, any marketing effort online is regarded as a part of a digital marketing strategy. These efforts include social media campaigns, PPC advertising, search engine optimization strategy, video marketing strategies, and so on. Still, an important part of digital marketing often ends up overlooked.

The area in question is security. And, to take care of this important aspect, you should learn a thing or two about VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

Keep reading and learn why a VPN needs to be a part of your marketing efforts. 

What exactly is a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for the term Virtual Private Network. It is mainly used as a security measure for protecting one’s identity and privacy online. VPNs do that by ensuring the protection of data through encryption.

When using a VPN, all web traffic coming from one device flows through a remote data server to secure and protect every single MB of that data. 

For instance, say that you are using this kind of protection when buying something online. Servers, websites, and other entities online will not see your real IP address. Instead, it will look like you are browsing the web from another country. 

But, how can this help you with your marketing efforts? Although the answer is not as straightforward as some expect, using this technology will provide you with the potential to take your online marketing approach to a whole new level.

In fact, you will be surprised by some benefits top VPN software can bring to your business. 

Benefits for marketers


If you decide to use a VPN, you will be able to reap the benefits such as:

  • better link building
  • advanced security
  • effective competitor analysis
  • productive remote working
  • smarter SEO
  • elimination of internet censorship and geo-restrictions

Better link building

As a digital marketer, building links is one of the more important tasks that you need to take care of effectively. However, many link builders and SEO experts face serious obstacles on a daily basis when trying to build an authority link.

That issue is multiple links restriction. Many websites do not allow people to create more than one or two links, which can seriously slow down an SEO strategy.

Fortunately, a VPN can resolve this issue to a significant extent. Seeing that a VPN hides your real IP address, it will allow you to visit such websites anonymously and create as many links as you want to. 

Advanced security

As a marketer, you most likely have to handle various sensitive information about your organization, competitors, and clients. 

When you send such details and information online, you are automatically putting it at risk for cyber-theft. As a result, many people have sensitive data stolen because someone found a way to access their information.

So, you should do everything in your power to keep all the information safe and secure. And a good VPN can help with that. 

A VPN can enhance your online security by leaps and bounds. As previously mentioned, it uses complex encryption algorithms to protect your data in transit which enables you to browse the internet safely.

You will never have to worry about data leaks and data theft again since a VPN will let you browse the internet with complete peace of mind. Your competitors, cyber-criminals, or anyone trying to harm your business won’t be able to track your activity or steal information from you.

You could tighten security even more by taking additional measures for staying safe. Consider multi-factor authentication, fingerprint locks, and make sure to keep your software updated on all of your devices. 

Effective competitor analysis

Many experienced marketers will tell you that it is important to keep an eye on your competition. You need to be well aware of everything they do. By keeping a close eye on their marketing strategies and methods, you will be able to see the best practices and use them yourself.

It’s a great way to stay ahead of them and never be caught off guard with new marketing campaigns.

What’s more, it would be a good idea if you kept your analysis private. In other words, you don’t really need to broadcast that you are carefully observing their activities. So, don’t let them know that you are visiting their websites, social media pages, and other platforms.

If you use a VPN, you have your IP address and location spoofed, and no one will know that you are observing a page or looking at someone’s profile. All the activities will go undetected. 

Productive remote working

remote working

Remote working is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This trend is slowly transforming the workplace of today, especially in the field of digital marketing.

Many marketing companies have entire remote teams working for them, including remote writers, assistants, marketing experts, and even SEO consultants.

But, this too comes at a risk. As all the work is done online, you could easily become a potential target if you are not using a VPN.

Say that you are working from a co-working space where at least 20 individuals are on the same Wi-Fi network. Using this kind of connection opens up a lot of space for cyber-crime.

A public Wi-Fi connection exposes you to the world. When that happens, a third party can get their hands on sensitive info you may have on your device.

With a VPN, you can securely connect to your office (or any other network) from anywhere and gain access to all the files you need. You can send data, download whatever you need, and no one will be able to meddle with your business. 

Smarter SEO

When you browse Google while logged into your Google account or through the same IP over and over again, you get highly personalized search results. This makes it hard for you to check whether the website you have optimized is ranking well on an actual search engine results page (SERP).

However, you don’t need to worry as a VPN can help with this too. You can simply check the ranking with a VPN by changing your virtual location. That way, you can see the real results of your searches from various locations across the globe. 

Elimination of internet censorship and geo-restrictions

There has been an increasing trend of internet censorship in recent years. This kind of censorship combined with geo-restriction can cause big problems for many marketers and even businesses.

For example, China is often seen as one of the worst culprits with several widely-used websites and services banned within the country. Its government deems websites such as Google or YouTube as a threat to its people.

On top of that, some geo-restrictions limit the number of websites you can visit from your location. This can be even more annoying than censorship. 

For instance, you need to do some research and you need access to a certain website from another country. Once you type in the address, you get a message that you can’t visit the website because of your location. That means that there are geo-blocking practices in place that are not allowing you to do your job.

Well, thanks to VPN technology, you can eliminate internet censorship and geo-restrictions very effectively. You can bypass these obstacles by connecting to a server-based in a relevant country. Once you do that, you will again be able to enjoy unrestricted access regardless of where you are.

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