5 Advantages of Raised Access Flooring System

A raised access flooring system also known as an elevated floor system, is a lifted structural floor that is placed on a reinforced concrete chunk. The raised access flooring system consists of several panels, installed on vertically adjustable pedestals. The pedestals are fixed on the concrete chunk via mechanical fixings. The raised access flooring system is most commonly used in commercial construction projects. 

Let’s have a look at the top 5 advantages of the raised access flooring system. 

They Optimize Air Flow

Proper airflow is essential in every setting. It not only helps in maintaining worker comfort but it also helps in maintaining overall health standards. The raised access flooring system is designed in a way that it can accommodate grated floor panels as a means to direct airflow with minimal disruption between the supply and the return. Supply is usually located in the ceiling space whereas the return is usually located under the floor. This is why a raised access flooring system is beneficial in spaces where you need to maintain meticulous temperature control measures, laminar airflow requirements, and air particle sizing. 

Increase Available Space

No matter the size of the industry or business, you can easily fix bulky utility systems under the raised access floor. This way you can easily increase the space for staff and production equipment. It saves a lot of money that you would otherwise spend in expanding the space for other systems. When you neatly organize the support systems and utilities below the raised access floor, it allows performing routine system maintenance at virtually any location via movable access panels. This will also help you continue the work in a regular manner while maintaining the equipment at the same time. 

Enables Efficient Reconfiguration

Many businesses require customization and rearrangement of the workspace to accommodate highly dynamic work environments. This will cost you a lot if you haven’t taken appropriate measures during flooring. With raised access flooring system, workers can easily rearrange the layout of space without losing access to power outlets. Also, they won’t need to move around many supporting utility systems. This can be beneficial to businesses that require flexible floor plans such as cyclical product displays, events, and more. 

Provides Perfectly Horizontal Work Surfaces

With the help of adjustable raised access flooring you can solve issues with uneven or variable floor heights and create a perfectly level floor plan with greater optimization potential. When it comes to high-load work environments, having a perfectly leveled working surface is very crucial. Businesses, where heavy machineries are operated for prolonged period of time, and with lots of moving parts, having an uneven surface, could lead to disastrous consequences and can cost you huge money. Raised access flooring system helps you maintain the level-surface across all forms of heavy use and vibration. 

Easy to Change and Fix

It’s easy to fix broken tiles in case of raised access flooring system when compared with fixing a regular floor. When it comes to regular flooring, you will most likely have to rip up the whole area and replace it in order to fix minor damage. It will not only cost money, but it will also disrupt the regular day-to-day work. With raised flooring system, you can easily replace a tile without hampering the regular work. 

Best areas for Raised Access Flooring System

  • Computer rooms and other information technology rooms.
  • Usual open office areas.
  • Training and conference rooms.
  • Exhibit spaces.
  • Support places for offices, including electrical closets, ac rooms, etc.
  • Clean rooms

Worst areas for Raised Access Flooring System

  • Slab on Grade locations 
  • Washrooms, toilets, dishwashing, and other wet areas
  • Kitchen and similar food preparation rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Fire Exit (including Fire stairs)
  • Mechanical equipment rooms (including rooms having air handling equipment, boiler, and chiller)

Bottom Line

The benefits of a raised access flooring system are endless, especially when it is integrated with commercial construction. It not only helps you in optimizing the airflow, but it also helps in customizing the floor design easily. Also, it increases storage space of your plot by allowing you to store bulky facilities underneath the raised access flooring system. However, before investing in raised access flooring system, contact your construction contractor to know if this fits best for your business. 

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